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Friday, June 29, 2012


I’ve always wanted to write about a Hollywood starlet and a cowboy because I grew up in a community situated over the hill from Hollywood. Hollywood-ness is sort of ingrained in you if you live in Southern California. There’s no escaping the film industry in the TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone) and Hollywood in particular.

Grauman's Chinese Theater
I remember my Hollywood Bowl days and seeing acts like The Young Rascals and The Doors in concert. Yep, it was just me and Jim Morrison… and thousands of other screaming fans flocking that seashell outdoor venue. On the weekends, my girlfriends and I would stroll along Hollywood Boulevard, eyes glued downward as we called out the names of legends engraved on star-shaped plaques on the sidewalk, the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We'd walk by Grauman's Chinese Theatre and look at the handprints of the stars embedded in concrete. It was no big deal. Hollywood and Highland was familiar to us and our home in a way. We walked the walk and talked the talk and it was a fun time, being in the “know” about things that most people only dream about.

David Boreanaz

Star sightings occur often when you live in So Cal. My hubby and I frequent our local promenade mall because we love the atmosphere, good eats and going to the movies. Recently, at a restaurant I sat across from Pierce Brosnan- aka James Bond 007. I’ve rubbed shoulders, figuratively speaking with Katherine Heigl in a fast food joint.

Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne were perusing the shelves, his black cape and all, in a boutique next to Barnes and Noble where I was shopping… You can’t miss Ozzie… that’s all I’ve got to say. Howie Mandell was texting on his phone at the table next to mine at our local yogurt shop and stopped to chat it up with a few fans that had approached him. Seems like a really nice guy.

Will Smith decided to have a go at early morning bowling at the lanes where I bowl on a team. Yes, he has a striking smile. And David Boreanaz (Bones) walked right by me at restaurant recently—handsome guy that he is.
Barry Manilow

But probably the most memorable for me, was having tall, lanky, and disguised with ball cap, Barry Manilow sitting directly behind me in the movie theatre. I remember thinking that it had better be a great movie, or I’ll never be able to sit still knowing that he was in the seat behind mine. I have always loved Barry. Yikes!

At that same movie theater one evening I spotted a bunch of young teenagers curbside, giggling like giddy teens do and smiled to myself, thinking that I remembered those Friday-night-out-with-friends myself. And then I took a better look at the blonde All-American boy in that group of six and realized it was mega-star Justin Beiber – just your normal teen out with his friends.

My idea of Macy Tarlington

My idea of Carter McCay

Exquisite Acquisitions is a story with a little twist on the Hollywood scene. Macy is not your average movie star. She’s the daughter of a legend and wants a little peace in her life. Enter, hunky, heroic and recently jilted, Carter McCay who recognizes Macy’s heartache, if not her celebrity and whisks her away to Wild River Ranch for a little R and R. Carter is not a cowboy wannabe like the guys Macy has known. He’s the real deal… need I say more?

Have you had any close encounters with a movie star? Have you ever asked for an autograph? If you could meet any one star in particular, who would it be?
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