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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Must Love Handbags!!

Isn't this a great cover? It's my friend, Dorothy Howell's first mystery series starting with Handbags and Homicide available now!

You won't want to miss it! Dorothy, aka Judith Stacey with Harlequin, writes with humor and always gives the reader a satisfying ending. And better yet, if you visit her site you can enter her wonderful contest.

She's giving away a gorgeous, new Coach Handbag to the winner.
Imagine that! Click on Handbags!

Here's a little about the story:
When Haley Randolph's passion for designer purses outlasts her credit cards, her life goes from glam to grim as she's forced to work at a mid-market department store. There she finds the ultimate fashion victim--
face-down in lingerie, stone-cold dead. Haley must find a killer with impeccable taste... before time runs out!

I know you'll enjoy!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I'm Reading!

It's June and that means a new Stephanie Plum adventure by Janet Evanovich. It's Fearless Fourteen this year!

I'm hooked. I love the Steph, Cupcake, Babe. I love chuckling out loud every few minutes, but mostly I love her relationships. With Lula -- what a character. Grandma Mazur, I didn't have a grandmom like her, that's for sure!

I love Stephanie's relationship with the ever dangerous Ranger. But mostly, I love a good romance and that means sexy, lovable, gorgeous Joe Morelli! It's always been Joe for me.

Sometimes, after 14 books in a series, the stories can seem redundant, the character's growth might seem mimimal and the relationships can get dull. I've read some negative reviews, but Fearless is #10 on Amazon right now, and that means that LOTS of readers enjoy her books still.

Me included.

I wait patiently each summer, for the release of another installment in the Stephanie Plum chronicles. What about you? Are you a fan and if not, have I sparked your interest?

It's my turn to blog on Friday, June 27th at Petticoats.

I have a fun prize for commentors! I hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Replacement Shows

As many of you know, I love country music. I'm a big fan of groups like Rascal Flatts and Brooks and Dunn. My favorite artists are Tim McGraw, Josh Turner, Faith, Martina, Toby Keith and Carrie Underwood. So for me, I love seeing the new young talent make their way on stage.

I can't really say I LOVE the judges though. I find them self indulgent at times on this show. But overall, for a summer replacement, when there's virtually nothing else on television, I find this show really refreshing and enjoyable. Billy Ray does a decent job of anchoring the show.

Okay, so I like Joey Fatone. Ever since I saw him on Dancing With Stars, I thought he was a great personality. I still do. But I watched this show last night, honestly, because I was tired and lazy and just didn't want to bother seeing what else was on. (I tend to veg after 8PM, because my eyes get so tired working on the computer all day - gone are the days of me writing until 2 AM, but that's an entirely different blog!)

I digress. I watched this show grudgingly and with reluctance. I thought it was a foolish premise. Who are these supposed "stars" anyway? Other than the Olympians, I didn't know them all to well. And why would anyone want to tackle circus antics? I guess when your expectations are low, you can be pleasantly surprised. Because I WAS. I enjoyed this show. I'm amazed at the depth of training and the precision in which they perform very dangerous circus acts. I loved the silks. A beautiful form of expression! And I enjoyed watching Antonio Saboto strain his muscles in his act. I have to say ... this was premise I didn't think I'd like, but then the kid in me said, CIRCUS and it was really intriguing to see how circus acts have changed over the years.

Next is America's Got Talent. This show is mind-boggling. They put on some weird stuff, but just like, American Idol, they only show you quick clips of the weirdos. Thankfully. I'm not a fan of people making fools of themselves. But once they get down to brass tacks, it's worth the hour of your time.

Neil Boyd, (hoping I'm getting the name right here) gave me chills. I thought, how has this man NOT been discovered yet? He's got an amazing range and depth, a true opera performer if I ever heard one. Then there's the adorable four-year-old girl who was too cute for words and had a very nice voice. Anyone X'ing her would need their head examined!

America's Got Talent got it right last year, with ventriloquist Terry Fator. This man's truly the real thing. I voted for him last year. He reminded me of the Howdy Dowdy Show, Paul Winchell and Sheri Lewis and Lambchop combined! It's an art that I hope is resurrected now that Terry has made a name for himself.

Neil Boyd

Terry Fator

So aside from some snarky judging, I have to say these reality shows in the form of variety shows are pretty entertaining. For me, I still rather see Lost, Desperate Housewives and Medium, but for summer replacement shows, they aren't bad.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Car Jokes to Make Us Smile

In this day and age when there's nothing fun to speak about when it comes to cars and fuel, here's a few jokes that remind us that it's not ALL about gas prices! I hope you laugh like I did! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

30 Days and 30 Knights of Harlequin Historicals

It's Harlequin all month long and you'll find some amazing authors with stories to tell and giveaways. You won't want to miss it!

Join me all in a special blog for The Good, The Bad and the Unread today. I'll be speaking about why I love writing westerns and the western hero . I'll be giving away an autographed book!

Tomorrow (Friday) check out my office space and my sources of inspiration in my I Feel The Love blog at
Petticoats and Pistols!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Fresh Pick From Fresh Fiction!

I'm thrilled to say that Western Weddings is today's Fresh Pick book at Fresh Fiction. Check out this fabulous site! I'll be running contests and doing a blog at Fresh Fiction soon! I'll keep you posted!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Deseo means Desire!!

I have a June Release! It's a Spanish Deseo. Find it on Eharlequin this month as well as Amazon!

Negocios de placer by Charlene Sands Qué era más grande, su sed de venganza o el deseo que sentía por ella?El millonario empresario hotelero Evan Tyler no se detendría ante nada hasta conseguir vengarse. Por eso, cuando surgió la oportunidad de seducir a Elena Royal, hija de su principal rival, Evan no se lo pensó dos veces. No sólo tenía intención de sonsacarle todos los secretos de su familia mediante la seducción, sino que pretendía disfrutar al máximo cada segundo que pasara con ella.Pero cuando la aventura llegó a su fin, Evan se vio obligado a elegir entre la venganza y el placer. Encontraría el modo de conseguir ambas cosas?
List Price: $ 3.99
Our Price: $ 3.19
You Save: $ 0.80 (20%)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Check Out My New Banner!

Here's my new banner for Five-Star Cowboy! What do you think? The Suite Secrets Series begins this August, but you can get it early from Eharlequin in July!

Be sure to enter my Five-Star Cowboy Contest today!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I love game shows. I like the ones you can play along, but I also just love to watch and be entertained. For years, I've watched all sorts of games shows. The older ones, What's My Line and the Match Game. I remember watching Price Is Right with my grandmother on her rabbit ears television set.

And along the way, some great shows have come and gone. Hollywood Squares and The Ten Thousand Dollar Pyramid along with the Dating Game and the Newlywed game.

Now, Password has been resurrected once again. And I couldn't be happier. Though it's a Million Dollar version nowadays, which seems to be the eye-catcher. What's a game show, unless they give away a Million, right? Just last night Drew Carey gave away one million to a contestant on the Price Is Right, where poor old Howie Mandel, can't give away a million on Deal or No Deal to save his life. It's just not happening!

I watched the new Password with Regis Philbin the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Regis is a wonderful game host. It helps to have savvy contestants and smart celebrities. Rachel Ray is one of my favorites, and Dougey Houser, has all grown up! He was great with his contestant. Did they give away a million? No? And I fear the road to one million is hard to achieve. They don't make it easy!

How many of you remember the original password with Allen Ludden? It was shown in the 60's I beleive. It's a game that never dies. In 1979 it was resurrected at Password Plus and in 1989 again as, Super Password. It's a game show with sticking power!

Password has had some of the biggest names in show business. Here is Betty White - Allen Ludden's wife, btw. She was an original and since has done countless other game shows. Do you remember her?
Do you love games shows? Which are your favorites?