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Thursday, June 05, 2008


I love game shows. I like the ones you can play along, but I also just love to watch and be entertained. For years, I've watched all sorts of games shows. The older ones, What's My Line and the Match Game. I remember watching Price Is Right with my grandmother on her rabbit ears television set.

And along the way, some great shows have come and gone. Hollywood Squares and The Ten Thousand Dollar Pyramid along with the Dating Game and the Newlywed game.

Now, Password has been resurrected once again. And I couldn't be happier. Though it's a Million Dollar version nowadays, which seems to be the eye-catcher. What's a game show, unless they give away a Million, right? Just last night Drew Carey gave away one million to a contestant on the Price Is Right, where poor old Howie Mandel, can't give away a million on Deal or No Deal to save his life. It's just not happening!

I watched the new Password with Regis Philbin the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Regis is a wonderful game host. It helps to have savvy contestants and smart celebrities. Rachel Ray is one of my favorites, and Dougey Houser, has all grown up! He was great with his contestant. Did they give away a million? No? And I fear the road to one million is hard to achieve. They don't make it easy!

How many of you remember the original password with Allen Ludden? It was shown in the 60's I beleive. It's a game that never dies. In 1979 it was resurrected at Password Plus and in 1989 again as, Super Password. It's a game show with sticking power!

Password has had some of the biggest names in show business. Here is Betty White - Allen Ludden's wife, btw. She was an original and since has done countless other game shows. Do you remember her?
Do you love games shows? Which are your favorites?

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