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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I'm Reading!

It's June and that means a new Stephanie Plum adventure by Janet Evanovich. It's Fearless Fourteen this year!

I'm hooked. I love the Steph, Cupcake, Babe. I love chuckling out loud every few minutes, but mostly I love her relationships. With Lula -- what a character. Grandma Mazur, I didn't have a grandmom like her, that's for sure!

I love Stephanie's relationship with the ever dangerous Ranger. But mostly, I love a good romance and that means sexy, lovable, gorgeous Joe Morelli! It's always been Joe for me.

Sometimes, after 14 books in a series, the stories can seem redundant, the character's growth might seem mimimal and the relationships can get dull. I've read some negative reviews, but Fearless is #10 on Amazon right now, and that means that LOTS of readers enjoy her books still.

Me included.

I wait patiently each summer, for the release of another installment in the Stephanie Plum chronicles. What about you? Are you a fan and if not, have I sparked your interest?

It's my turn to blog on Friday, June 27th at Petticoats.

I have a fun prize for commentors! I hope to see you there!

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