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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm not really a TV junkie, but this past season I have to admit I've been hooked on some of the shows. I had an auto-watch list that went far beyond my usual television viewing. Every night, I'd relish sitting down in front of the tube, after a long day at the computer and vegging-out. My list is long, but here's a few: Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with Stars, American Idol, Lost, What About Brian, Smallville, Deal or No Deal, Numbers. The reality shows were a must -- must know, must be able to speak about the contestants the next day with friends, must have a vote. And I miss game shows from my youth, so I'd watch everything new like 1 vs 100 and Identity. I'd gotten lost in TV land and now that all the shows are off or airing repeats - I don't watch repeats, probably for the same reason I don't eat leftovers, now I'm filling my nights when I'm not editing or reading emails with the other joys of my life.

Top Ten List:

Playing cards with Hubby. (new game Phase Ten is awesome!)
Playing tennis
Reading books in one sitting (or two - if my vision blurs)
Taking evening walks
Doing pilates
Talking to friends
Working for Operation Gratitude (see last post)
Arranging my photo albums
Dreaming up new story plots
Getting to bed earlier

That's my Top Ten list of Non-TV Nights.
Can you relate?


catslady said...

I love playing cards and phase 10 is one of them. We have a group of women who meet at various times to play. Right now a game called sock and shoe (or hand and foot) has us all hooked lol. And of course lots of reading.

Charlene Sands said...

I've never heard of sock and shoe, but I love cards! Luckily, my kids and their boyfriend/girlfriend and all my friends enjoy playing so we get together often. The competition is fierce but all in good fun.
I like you're addy. Hmmm, you must have cats. I have two; :)

catslady said...

Lol I had just 5 and then I adopted my daughter's and I just found out my other daughter's boyfriend needs someone to take a kitten from a litter of 5 lol. "Cats are like potato can't have just one!