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Friday, March 14, 2008

MyTop Ten Favorite Shows this Season

When I'm pooped and a little burned out from writing, reading, researching and promoting, these are the television shows that entertain me. These are the shows I watch when I need to vegge out. These are the shows that I DVR when I'm not home.

See how many of these you enjoy.
I'm rating them in order of importance to me.

1. Lost ( I don't miss an episode and haven't since the beginning)

2. American Idol ( I will admit to fast forwarding thru Paula's comments at times)

3. The Biggest Loser ( I like Alison Sweeney from Days and tuned in just to see her, but wound up being a big fan of the show. Very informative health tips and work outs. I'm learning a lot. I do love the weigh-ins.)

4. Celebrity Apprentice ( I'm not a Donald fan, but like the show, mainly because of Trace Atkins and the others who have diverse dynamics)

5. Desperate Housewives ( A fan from inception and miss it terribly)

6. Men In Trees ( There's something about that show, great characters)

7. One Tree Hill (family ties here and a very good show)

8. Numbers ( very underrated show, great characters and plots)

9. Deal or No Deal ( I like game shows and Howie makes me laugh)

10. Martha Stewart ( love cooking and craft shows )
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