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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

My hubby took me to see Time Traveler's Wife this weekend. I insisted it wasn't a chick flick, though I will admit I usually do like to read the book before I see the movie. In this case, it wasn't possible, my reading of late has slacked off as I'm too busy trying to make my deadlines! And my dh said he liked it afterall, so not a true chick flick, in case you were wondering.

With Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles, it wasn't hard to watch. These two had chemistry on screen and I've just recently became a fan of Bana's. I've been a fan of Rachel's since The Notebook.

The movie's premise was intriquing and kept me entertained and also kept me guessing. Perhaps the biggest flaw in the movie, was that we never understood why Eric Bana time traveled. It might have been more clear in the book, but the movie never really addressed that. There seemed to be no purpose to it, or why he showed up in his new time period, naked. Not that I'm complaining... it's nice to see some male nudity once in a while on screen for a change. And he fit the bill quite nicely. Watching him fade away from view slowly, leaving just a pile of clothes behind was effective to say the least, but again ...WHY? As a writer, I know I couldn't get away from that... every occurence needs motivation. That's the main thing that bothered me.

This story was reminicient of the TV show from a few years back called The Journeyman. It entertained the same principles but the Journeyman, did have a purpose and that was to solve crimes or make something right in the past.

It was great way to spend an afternoon and I did enjoy the story. It's not a tear-jerker, but

I wouldn't expect a classic HEA either. I enjoyed the way the writer brought Henry back and forth through time to meet his family, his wife and child both in the past and in the future.

On the other hand, we saw Funny People a few weeks back and I wouldn't advise it. It's not funny unless you're a adolescent boy bent on hearing unamusing jokes about the male anatomy until your ears are ready to split.

Okay, enough of the reviews from me. Just thought I'd share.

All in all, I have to say I'm glad I went to see Time Traveler's Wife. Have you seen it or read the book? How would you compare the two?

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