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Thursday, September 10, 2009



If you love horses and like to shop, here's a way you can help save a horse. It's a beautiful site you should all see, the music is lovely too.

Carol is my cousin and she's passionate about horses. A portion of all proceeds go to an amazing organization that saves wild horses.

Here's a little bit about their site:

Two friends, Carol, and Cristi decided to start a new business together that would somehow benefit America's Wild Horses. We chose a custom apparel line named FREEDOM FOR WILD HORSES.

Over the years, the two of us have had the pleasure of riding our own horses amongst the Wild Horse Herds in the canyons of Nevada. It is truly an amazing experience, but through government roundups, the Wild Horses and Burros are diminishing at rapid rates. At one time more than 2 million horses roamed wild. Now, fewer than 30,000 remain.

Carol has had the pleasure of having a Wild Mustang as a friend and companion for many years. With "Casper's" passing, we decided to start our business in his honor. Giving back to the Wild Horses is a small way of repaying him for the friendship and knowledge he gave all of us. We have chosen Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary to benefit from our efforts. Neda DeMayo is the founder of Return to Freedom and is dedicated to giving the Wild Horses back a life of freedom that would otherwise be lost.

FREEDOM FOR WILD HORSES will donate 10% of the net proceeds from the sales of our products (excluding leather) to Return to Freedom Sanctuary. To learn more about the Sanctuary, visit them at

We hope that far into the future this wonderful part of our western history will still be here for everyone to enjoy.

You can wear our clothing with pride in knowing that you have helped America's Wild Horses, and we THANK YOU for helping us help them.

Carol and Cristi

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