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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Welcome to my Housewarming!

Check out all the new rooms in my home away from home! Hope you enjoy browsing through the pages on my redesigned site!

Don't forget to stop by the Win Stuff page ... two chances to win some really great prizes!

Stop by my Heroes and Hunks page too ... the first installment is up with hot pictures of my favorite hero!!
See you there!


Dorthy said...

AWESOME! I'm so glad the remodeling is over, but do you miss the construction hunks yet? It must have been nice having them around for inspiration every day. ;-)

Dorthy said...

just as a heads up, everytime I tried to enter your contest, I get an error message that says "sorry an system error occured while trying to porcess your request."

CharleneSands said...

Everything is running fine now! Sorry for the little glitch!
New construction woes!!

Robin said...

Hi, Charlene! This new look is gorgeous! Definitely warm and inviting and makes me want to stay awhile! Congrats!