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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Are you Watching Your Weight?

Are you trying to lose 10 lbs or more?  Is the weight sticking to you like glue? Do you feel your health is in jeopardy?

Did you know I've been doing the Menopause Makeover Challenge over at eharlequin? 

During, before and after menopause women's bodies go through a good many changes and it's amazing what I'm learning by reading this book.  We have our own blog at Eharlequin and everyone who wants some daily helpful tips and support are welcome to join in or just lurk! 

You'll even hear from the author of the famed book, Staness Jonekos. Her journey from overweight to gorgeous and healthy is one that fascinates. 

We're just helping each other, inspiring each other and trying to stay healthy.  Check out the Menopause Makeover site where you can read all about what we're doing and why it works. 

You'll find us all at  The Menopause Makeover
Hope to see you there!

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