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Monday, July 05, 2010

The Sex Sizzles and the Romance Delights!

Napa Valley, California – Present Day

SEDUCTION ON THE CEO’S TERMS is the second installment of the Napa Valley Vows series.

It’s a fast-paced read, well written, with a story that will enchant readers. The sex sizzles and the romance delights. I love the backdrop of Napa Valley and the romance that the art of wine making creates. Secondary characters, Tony, Rena, and brother Nick add to the blend of fruitful and robust characters who are entwined in the story.

Joe Carlino and his two brothers, Tony and Nick, are back in Napa Valley to run the Carlino Winery. Joe returned home with a broken heart, so the move to California makes sense. He had made the mistake of indulging in an office romance only to be dumped by his fiancée for a billionaire oilman. Make that a fat, old, oil man. As Joe leaves New York, his faithful-assistant, Ali, takes him to the airport. Joe decides to kiss Ali good-bye...and what a kiss. Ali has been in love with Joe since she began to work for him.

Ali is not only beautiful and a fashion maven but she possesses a charisma that lights up a room. Joe calls from California and makes her a job offer; Ali is there. Seems neither one has forgotten the kiss.

Work is busy, and as Ali settles into her new position, Joe asks her to co-ordinate a wedding reception for Tony and Rena. Ali becomes friends with Rena, who can see Joe and Ali are drawn to each other, and of course, she has a scheme to bring Joe around. Rena suggests that Ali do a complete makeover. What? Subdue clothing, demure hairstyle, and little makeup. Ali wants Joe to see her for who she really is, so she agrees. Joe doesn’t stand a chance; he is caught up in the web, and he and Ali discover they have much in common. The sex is hot and the sizzling attraction explodes like fireworks. Ali wants more, but what will Joe do if he thinks he’s been deceived?

Can Ali and Joe find love? One can only hope. But what about the third brother; the womanizing Nick? Stay tuned, girls, the best is yet to come. Enjoy.

Deborah C Jackson- Romance Reviews Today

And another review from Romantic Times Magazine


Genre: Silhouette Desire, Series, Current Series Imprints
RT Rating 4 Stars ****

SEDUCTION ON THE CEO’S TERMS (4) by Charlene Sands: Computer geek Joe Carlino has never met anyone like his assistant, Ali Pendrake. In love with her boss, Ali decides a makeover in reverse is needed to catch this cautious man’s eye. Joe, who was stung once by a beautiful assistant who wanted more than just love, has avoided relationships, but something about this new Ali intrigues him, then ensnares him. The question is whether Ali can live with her own deception as she and Joe fall for each other.

Beauty and the Beast has nothing on Ali and Joe, who are perfect for each other, and the sultry background of Napa Valley is a fitting place for their romance.

I hope you'll have a chance to read this story.  It's a fun one!!

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