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Monday, March 07, 2011


I'll admit I like Matt Damon movies.  My DH and I have seen the Bourne Identity numerous times (meaning too many to count)  so when I saw Matt recently on ELLEN, I heard him talking about his latest movie, The Adjustment Bureau.   It looked like a thriller, maybe not of the caliber of Bourne, but certainly the trailers showed lots of action scenes and since it was a slow week, movie-going wise, we decided to try it.  I will admit that Matt did tell Ellen that the movie was basically a love story, but for some reason, dear hubby and I thought that the romance was secondary to lots the action and adventure.   

The matinee movie (feels like I'm ditching class when we go to an early movie) was quite crowded and there's safety in numbers.  I thought this was going to be great.  But after about twenty minutes into the movie, I glanced over at my DH only to find his eyes closed.  That wasn't a good sign.  I laughed and asked him if he was napping and he gave me that kind of look that said, he would rather nap than watch what was on the screen.

So, as it turned out, The Adjustment Bureau IS a romance of sorts, but it's also about a group of (we don't know what to call them exactly, they aren't angels) tall men wearing dark suits and bowler hats who for some reason that was never really explained, must keep everyone on the right "plan" for their life.  Disruptions can cause damage.  And there's one odd little scene, where Matt Damon stumbles upon the "adjusters"  in their role, "adjusting" his friend and colleague and now Matt has to be dealt with.

Oddly, it wasn't so much a story about that - thank goodness, because the message really got lost in translation.  The story was about love -- namely Matt Damon's character who wasn't supposed to meet Emily Blunt namely the woman of his dreams and love of his life.  But he does meet her throwing the preconceived plan off kilter. 

It was a strange little movie that never got the point across.  Too bad.  Because it really was more of a romance than anything else.  I had a feeling the movie was based on a book or story and I waited to see the credits at the end.  Sure enough is was based on a short story by Philip K. Dick called The Adjustment Team.     

I think DH would have rather napped.  I enjoyed the romance to some degree, yet the happily ever after scene, wasn't altogether satisfying for me.  I still had questions in my mind, but you know, the movie didn't compell me to feel dissatisfied enough to probe for answers - I just didn't care enough.    I'm not sure which is worse. 

I really wish I liked this movie more.  DH really does like a good romance. Recently, we saw Just Go With It and we both laughed out loud and enjoyed the love story.  I think for us, The Adjustment Bureau just missed. It wasn't much of a thriller and the romance was just okay. 

I guess, we're going to wait for Matt's next Bourne movie - coming soon to a theater near us!

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Robin said...

Darn - I love Matt Damon (and the Bourne movies too!) and really wanted to see this movie. I'd heard it was his most romancy movie yet, so I may still give it a try. The DH and I loved Just Go With It too!! So funny.