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Saturday, June 25, 2011

NEW RELEASE... Come Take A Peek!!

Wealthy and successful, Kyle Warren never backs down from a challenge—in business or in pleasure. Now that he’s returned to his hometown, he’s set his sights on blonde-haired, blue-eyed Christy Evans, the one girl he couldn’t win over in high school. This time, Kyle won’t take no for an answer from the pretty girl next door.

All Christy has to do is keep her distance from her seriously sexy, temporary neighbor. Yet, Kyle needs a friend now and Christy has always been a sucker for a man in need. She vows not to fall for Kyle’s good looks, broad shoulders and dark bedroom eyes. She’d seen the damage he’d left in his wake in high school. But how long can a girl resist his seductive smiles and smooth-talking ways?

Be sure to check out my newest release available now as an ebook on KINDLE and soon, where other ebooks are sold. 

Special thanks to for doing such an awesome cover!

1 comment:

Jeff Rivera said...

Dark bedroom eyes... I wonder how that really looks like :P Kyle in the cover looks like he's ready to get his hand around Christy and it sure looks hot!