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Monday, June 30, 2014

Warning! This story might make you crave cupcakes!


Here's a sneak peek at my Dear Reader letter!

Dear Reader,

 Thanks to your loyalty, The Slades of Sunset Ranch series was extremely well received and has been a fan favorite.  Since Casey Thomas was introduced in Sunset Seduction, (Luke and Audrey’s story) I’ve been getting requests and questions from readers asking if Casey would have a story of his own.

The answer is YES!

As I was writing Casey, I realized this hunky heartthrob secondary character needed a story of his own.  He was just too delicious a hero not to find his own great love.  He had a lot of good things going for him and though he came on super strong protecting his sister in Sunset Seduction, the tables are now turned on Casey. 

 His sister asks him to do her this one giant favor in Redeeming the CEO Cowboy that involves Susanna Hart, her good friend and hometown neighbor, owner of Sweet Susie’s Pastries and More.  It’s something Casey feels honor bound to do.

But Audrey doesn’t know what she’s really asking of her big brother…Casey and Susanna share a secret that neither of them want revealed. It’s difficult for Casey to help Susanna when she’s barely talking to him.  But Casey is a good guy at heart and Susie and her three-year old charge, Ally are a hard combination for this CEO Cowboy to dismiss.  They say redemption is good for the soul, right?  Casey Thomas gets a dose and then some.

Warning:  This story might make you crave cupcakes!

That’s all I’m saying…
Happy Reading!


Janine said...

I'm definitely craving cupcakes now

mauri said...

Oh my----cupcakes, a hunk, a sweet baby girl, AND a puppy!!!! You hit ALL the buttons!!!