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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Playing the Waiting Game

It's probably the hardest thing for a writer to do, whether published or unpublished. Wait. Yes, I've sent in two proposals to my editor. She in turn, has sent everything to the senior editor who has the final word. So, what does a writer do while waiting to hear if her proposals are accepted?

Well, I could play.:) And I admit I'm guilty of that sometimes. I don't spend as much time writing as I ususally do, but I am glued here in my computer chair anyway. I catch up on emails, check out different romance sites, read excerpts, enjoy a game or two of poker. I spend a great deal of time promoting my books, doing chats, guest blogging and visiting my friends' websites and blogs. But, after a while, all the waiting gets old and my fingers itch to hit the keyboard and write my stories.

So, I start another story. One, I fully plan to submit to my editor. It takes a lot of thought, plotting and sometimes, I'll write only one page for that day. But it's writing, it's the beginning of something I fully intend to complete and it's what I have to do. I have to write. This may be difficult for some who doesn't write to understand. But more than I have to write, I can't NOT WRITE. There's a difference. So, this week I decided to develop another story for Desire. It's going well and when it goes well, it's thrilling.

I can get myself in big trouble, because if I SELL everything I'm WAITING on, I could conceivably have four books to write in one year. I've done it, barely, once before, but not stories with the scope and difficulty I have in mind. And I vowed never to do it again. So, do I hope for a rejection? NEVER. I'll find a way, but odds are I won't have that problem. One book is already sold, I'm waiting on approval of the synopsis so I can start the story, the other is a single title contemporary, something new that I've tried which is "iffy". Yet another, is the one I'm hoping to hear about soon, my bounty hunter western. And the one I'm writing now, won't be ready to send off for several weeks.

So there you have it. The craziness of the writing world! It's famine, then maybe too big a feast!

So, after I blog and write a page or two today what will I do with the last days of summer upon us?

Go to the beach!

But I'll be plopped back in the computer chair tonight.
It's what I do.

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