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Friday, September 08, 2006

To Blog or not to Blog?

It's funny but over a year ago, I didn't really have a clue what a blog was. I remember pestering an author who had tried to explain what it was and how it worked to me and to my frustration I found that I'd over-complicated something that was quite easy to understand and do.

Now I find myself on four blogs. The Desire Author's Blog though, is going to be changed to an Author Spotlight, due to the lack of time for most those authors. Let's face it, we're writers and we need to time to write! Right now, I'm between contracts, waiting on the go-aheads on three projects. If all go through, I'll be one busy little camper, that's for sure. If not, then I'm working on a fourth project. But there's always room in my "off season" for blogging.

Our Harlequin Historical Authors now have blog. We're 54 members strong, so there will be lots of happenings, fun stuff, Top Ten lists, recipes, pics of heroes, covers and so much more on that site. Definitely worth a trip over.

And I just posted on the Digital site Cobblestone Press Blog about my September release, Abducted at the Altar. That site is mainly for erotica and paranormal readers, but they do have room for sexy, romance stories as well. The Way to a Man's Heart is on sale there, a one time Kensington release.

Then there's this one, my own home site blog which I try to update every day or so. Is it hard to come up with pearls of wisdom every day? Some days it is and some days it isn't. It depends on your frame of mind, what's happened in your life lately, and what you think would be of interest.

And then there's the blogs you're invited to do from other sites. Though I'm a new member, this blog will be monitored and done periodically from the brand new Pink Heart Society, a site for writers and readers of category romance, complete with a little Dancing Heart, which I have not been able to successfully download! He's cute though.

So yesterday I turned in a Guest Blog on Why I Write Westerns - The American Cowboy, a fun one to write about the hunky heroes from TV and movies which with be available at the Pink Heart Society Blog on September 21st. I'll be on site that day to comment and answer questions on the subject. Hmmm, guess I could have a lot to say about our hunky heroes!

My RWA chapter at Orange County has a blog on their site which I've been invited to do a few times. They are often themed blogs, this time I sent in WHAT OCC MEANS TO ME, which may even appear in our award-winning newsletter as well.

It's almost gotten to the point where I writer could be behind the eight ball, if he/she doesn't blog, they've become so common and expected. It's just another way to reach out to the writing community, to keep in touch, to communicate our thoughts on a regular and active basis.

So for me, as long as these fingers keep hitting the keys and the brain doesn't fry, I'll choose to blog. :)

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