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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where do I get my ideas?

That's the question most authors get when interviewed. Well, it's a great question and no we don't get them from the IDEA TREE -- but we do get them from everywhere else.

Whenever I'm blocked about a scene, a plot or a new twist in my story, I have to stop writing. I'm not one to stare at the blank screen, so I usually get up and read something I enjoy, or exercise, or watch Martha Stewart. I love the cooking and craft segments and Martha (whether you like her or not) is a very calming influence and her show is top notch. I lose myself in whatever else I'm doing and then:

I take a shower.

Yes -- that's the best place for me to free up my mind. After all, I HAVE to get dressed sometime during the day. So, when all else fails, I get in the shower and then without realizing it, my mind wanders to my story and I begin to flesh out the scenes in my head, I hear the dialogue, understand the true motivation of my characters and then -- waa-laa, I have my answer. I lose myself in the story as water rains down. And ideas come forth. The only problem with this brand of brainstorming, is that a five minute shower ends up in the double digits. The price of unblocking your brain - killer water bills and fingers that prune up!

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