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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm a huge LOST fan and it's due in part to the character of Sawyer. He's the show's bad boy and he's often misunderstood. But more often than not, Sawyer isn't a nice person. I've heard that his popularity on the show have made the writers make him more appealing by softening his con man image a bit. There's nothing better than seeing a "bad" boy do something good, and then hate himself for it.

I saw Josh Holloway (Sawyer) interviewed on an awards show, and he's nothing like who we see on the screen. He's NICE and seems so down to earth. He's got amazing eyes, adorable dimples and likes fishing. If you watch the show, you know there was one episode where Sawyer made a complete mess of gutting a fish. That was a great story where we actually saw the "human" side of Sawyer. Though, he fought it, he realized he really can't exist on his own -- he needs the other survivors. But he'd be the last person to admit it.

So, yes I'm a sucker for Sawyer. Aside from his incredible good looks and on-screen charisma, he has what I think is essential for a "bad" boy image. ATTITUDE! If we're talking fantasy here, he's the one you'd want to be stranded with on a remote island. But then again, there's Jack...

Are you a sucker for Sawyer too?

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