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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Catalina Island - Inspiration for my June Desire

Believe it or not, but the title of my June book isn't what it seems. Well, okay, it's partly what it seems. BETWEEN THE CEO'S SHEETS is actually the name of my dear friends' 52 foot Jeanneau sloop sailboat. The sheets, being those ropes that hold the sails up.

And one of my favorite places to visit during the summer months, is Santa Catalina Island. I can't even tell you how many times I've traveled there in my youth for fun day trips with my friends, my daughter's girl scout troop and later with my husband. Twenty-two miles out from San Pedro Harbor lies the crescent shaped island harbor of what was at one time both a place for trade and a real pirate hideaway. It seemed only natural that I'd set a book there, and have my one-time Texas rancher hero develop a love of the ocean and sailing.

Fond memories and maybe a chance to go back there one day soon helped decide where to set my story. This is definitely a place that's 50 paces slower than any big city. There are no cars on the island, replaced by golf-like carts and those two parts of our anatomy designed specially for getting around, feet. Walking is a national pastime in Catalina Island, along with swimming at the small stretch of beach, golfing, fishing, scuba diving and horseback riding. This pic to my left is Descanso Beach and beyond that is the famous Casino landmark.

Here's a picture of Avalon Bay harbor. Cruise ships stop by almost daily and the passengers disembark for a day of touring the island or sunning on the beach. Then there's always ... shopping!
More soon on Catalina Island and Wade and Gina's story in BETWEEN THE CEO'S SHEETS.

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