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Friday, May 11, 2007


If you received my newsletter yesterday, then you'd know that my next Desire, June's BETWEEN THE CEO'S SHEETS is set on Catalina Island. My hero, Wade Beaumont is a yachtman and sailed over to the island on business, with Gina Grady, his one-time love, who is now his personal assistant.

I've visited Catalina Island many times
both in my youth with the Girl Scouts and as an
adult, riding over on the Catalina Express, enjoying the 22 mile boat ride to come upon the cresent-shaped bay with its small strip of beaches. I have fond memories of Catalina, and I think many southern Californians hold the island with possessive pride in their hearts.

As you can see, the pics of Catalina Island are amazing, a virtual paradise just minutes from the big city, the harbor, Avalon, named for an Arthurian legend, means just that, "paradise". The turqouise waters in the bay are so filled with marine life that it's been called southern California's largest aquarium.

But now, as I watch the news reports on TV this morning, I see that the island is engulfed in flames, a wildfire breaking out, causing 3300 inhabitants along with tourists to be evacuated, waiting in long lines on the shore to be taken to safety. Ferry-like boats filled with fire engines and paramedic equipment have made their way ashore as the local small island fire-fighting forces were simply overwhelmed by the intensity of the fire. Being so far from the mainland, has made fire-fighting efforts difficult to say the least. I can only hope that the fires are contained quickly and that the island is not destroyed. I pray for the safety of all inhabitants and the firefighters and first response teams on the scene.

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