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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Double Finales this week! Who are you voting for?

I'm making a prediction based simply on my own personal favorites. Yes, I admit I'm hooked on Dancing with Stars and Idol. And I do have my favorites.

I've loved every minute of Dancing with Stars! It's entertaining and I can sit back and marvel at how far the celebrity competitors have come. In the scheme of life it's not important, but I don't apologize. It's my hour or two of enjoyment away from the computer. And those are the ONLY reality shows I do watch. I enjoy Smallville, Grey's, Lost and Desperate. With books of authors we automatically buy, we call them Auto-buys, so with TV shows I automatically watch, I call them Auto-View. My DVR is set for those shows.

So, here's Apolo. For a guy who never danced before, his competitor spirit shined thru this season. He's got good moves, on the dance floor and in the short track arena. I love the athletic mentality of no defeat, no surrender. Each week, he and Julianna came back with dynamite performances. Julianna is an amazing choregrapher! I think they are the youngest couple from all seasons -- and I'd be surprised if they didn't win. Kudos to Joey Fatone and Leila Ali too - they're great entertainers as well.

Here's Apolo Anton Ono competing as a short track speed skater.
He's got my vote!

Now on to American Idol. I have to say I was stunned when Melinda Doolittle was voted off, but I know she'll be around. She's too talented not to be in the public eye. I'll buy any record she makes. And equally, I enjoy Jordin Sparks. She's multi-talented and has a broad range. Not to mention, she's adorable, vivacious and personable. She's young too -- at 17 I don't think I've seen a more poised young woman. So my vote and my prediction goes to Jordin.

She's the Las Vegas odds on favorite right now. But who knows -- this year's talent and the ratings for Idol have been mediocre. Except for a few like Melinda, Jordin and Blake, there hasn't been too much to get excited about.
So, who has your vote?


Charlene Sands said...

Both my predictions came true!
They won! They won!
I'm a happy voter.

Anonymous said...

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