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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To Blurb or not to Blurb ...

Here's the back cover copy for Bodine's Bounty!

A hard-bitten bounty hunter
has no time for love…
Heiress Emma Marie Rourke is naive, innocent and
very, very determined. She’ll find her outlaw father
and make it as a singer.
Bodine—just Bodine—has promises to keep. And
looking for some spoiled flibbertigibbet runaway isn’t
top of his list. But, dammit, his conscience won’t let him
rest until he finds her. And at least there’s a reward for
retrieving her.
Protecting Emma isn’t the easy job he expects it to be.
Bodine is startled when he can’t get his mind—or his
hands—off Emma’s diminutive figure! He’s sworn to
keep her safe—but who will save her from him?
No spoiled heiress will stand in his way!

How many of you know what a flibbertigibbet is?
This was a new word for me, so I looked it up --
certainly not a word I've used before. This is what it means:
Main Entry: flib·ber·ti·gib·bet
Pronunciation: "fli-b&r-tE-'ji-b&tFunction: nounEtymology: Middle English flepergebet: a silly flighty person - flib·ber·ti·gib·bety /-b&-tE/ adjective
It wasn't in my Thesaurus either so I searched further
and found this in another dictionary:
A silly, irresponsible or scatterbrained person,
especially one who chatters and gossips.
Emma Marie Rourke isn't really any of those things. She's determined and a bit confused in how to go about achieving her goals, but she's a strong young woman. Can you tell I didn't write this back cover blurb? I thought it would be interesting to see how many of you have heard this word used before?

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