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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Win in Winter Contest Up and Running!

To celebrate the release of my newest western Bodine's Bounty in bookstores in November we have a new Win In Winter contest. Prizes include a $20.00 Borders Gift Card and an autographed book from my available titles.

Bodine's Bounty is available NOW on and on
Click here to link you through to the page and read an excerpt!

Heiress Emma Marie Rourke is naive, innocent and very, very determined. She'll find her outlaw father and make it as a singer.

Bodine-just Bodine-has promises to keep. And looking for some spoiled flibbertigibbet runaway isn't top on his list. But, dammit, his conscience won't let him rest until he finds her. And at least there's a reward for retrieving her.

Protecting Emma isn't the easy job he expects it to be. Bodine is startled when he can't get his mind - or his hands-off Emma's diminutive figure! He's sworn to keep her safe - but who will save her from him?

And visit me on Friday, October 12 at Petticoats And Pistols where I'll be blogging and offering a free giveaway!

1 comment:

Dena said...

Hi Charlene, Bodine's Bounty sounds like a really good story,I don't read as much westerns or cowboy books as I used to but lately there have been some great stories and I'm adding them to my TBR pile. I wish that I read faster,like you my nightstand and everywhere else in my room is overflowed with books.