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Wednesday, January 02, 2008



Can you believe it's 2008 already? It's hard to imagine when I think about all the past hoopla about the millenium. The anticipation and worry and excitement and now 8 years have passed since then.

Well, I for one do have New Years Resolutions. Since I'm a goal-setter, it's easier for me to keep them. In another blog, I'd asked about resolutions and spoke of some ways people can stick to them, but ultimately many people just don't like making them. They feel they are setting themselves up to fail.

You don't think you'll stick to them, so why try?

My own philosphy is that if I don't try, then I can't complain later on. I'd rather just try. Thus, for me, I like to set mental resolutions. This doesn't happen just on January 1st, but during the entire course of the year for me.

Here are a few of mine. More will come later, I'm sure.

1. Keep exercising and try to do it more often. (this is the most popular by far, but a good one)

2. Keep eating healthy. (we do - we aren't fast-food eaters and I'm learning to enjoy making inventive salads)

3. Keep one step ahead of my deadlines. (this requires a lot of dedication and my butt in the computer chair)

4. Try to spend more time away from the computer. (it's 11:47 am and I haven't had breakfast yet - and is in direct contrast with #3)

5. Enjoy every second of planning our daughter's wedding. ( a no-brainer - I'm very excited)

6. Try to spend more time with friends ( they are very important in my life)

7. Play my own version of The Biggest Loser ( try to lose weight each week along with the contestants - for fun and because I'd like to shave off 15 lbs before the wedding!)

I'm hoping to keep all of these thru the year, but if I falter, I'll keep trying.

What about you?

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