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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sneak Peek


Clint Hayworth had returned to the Double H to find his father's too-young-attractive widow in charge. The woman had to be a gold digger - so why couldn't Clint stop thinking about her?

Tess Morgan-Hayworth couldn't sit by and watch the ranch be destroyed. It was the only place she'd ever felt safe. So she would have to face up to this stubborn, hardheaded, gorgeous Texan, and tame him...

But Tess wasn't sure she could hold out against the sexy cowboy for long!

Well, what do you think of the cover? The cowboy's not half bad, but the Double H in the background is the wealthiest ranch in the state! I wondered about that shack, but far beyond the cover, I hope readers like the story that deals not only with a strong passionate romance and lots of sizzling sexual tension but powerful issues that females had to - and still- face every single day.

Available on Eharlequin in February and in bookstores in March!

And if you liked Bodine's Bounty, it's up for the Cataromance Best Category Romance of 2007. It's coming in a close second. Please take a moment to cast your votes HERE. Thanks!!

Happy Monday everyone!

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