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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gotta Love a Talent Contest!

Do you watch America's Got Talent?

I have to admit, that during the dry TV season of summer reruns, I found this show to be quite entertaining. Some of the early acts are really silly, but when they narrow it down to the top twenty, I'm hooked.

I really loved last year's winner, Terry Fator. He's a ventriloquist extraordinaire! I'd love to see him perform live in a show ... and might if he comes to California. He does amazing performances, sings like a real pro, reaching high notes with his adorable and lovable "dummies" as they were called in Howdy Dowdy days.
This time around, I have a real favorite. Someone who Sharon Osbourne admits gives her goosebumps when he sings. It's Neal Boyd. He has a true gift, something you can't be taught. I really believe some people are put on this earth to sing. It's their calling. That's how I feel about Neal. He's has a Pavorotti type voice, maybe a little more raw, but when he belts out his deep baritone notes, I too, get goose bumpy!

He's also someone I don't think Piers, (the Simon Cowell of the show, complete with British accent) has never X'ed during a performance.

Also among my favorites is another singer, a man with a great voice and appeal, but I'm not sure he's a winner. Donald Braswell. And then there's sweet little Kaitlyn Maher, a four year old who never misses a beat.

This pic is not the greatest, but trust me, she is soooo cute!
Do you watch the show? How does it measure up to the other talent shows? Actually, if I had to rate them this is how my taste goes.
Dancing with the Stars
American Idol
America's Got Talent
Even though AGT was the least favorite, I still find it entertaining! I haven't watched tonight to see who got booted off. Don't tell me, I'm going to watch my DVR now!

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