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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Top Ten Movies -- What have you seen?

Top 10 Box Office Winners for this week:

Tropic Thunder

Babylon A.D.

The Dark Knight

The House Bunny


Death Race

Disaster Movie

Mamma Mia!

Pineapple Express

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
I saw Tropic Thunder last week. If you like irreverent, then you'll love this movie. Nothing is sacred and at times, I cringed. I thought it would funnier, but I did enjoy seeing Robert Downey Jr perform. Jack Black's character was way over the top!
I liked Dark Knight - but I'm a big Batman fan. I think the last two Batmans have been fabulous, though it was hard to watch Heath Ledger, knowing the sad circumstances of his death.
I liked Momma Mia too. Definitely a chick flick, though my husband did see it with me, and fairly enjoyed it.
That's all for me. I haven't seen too many summer movies this year, have you?

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