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Monday, October 13, 2008

An A+ for Do Not Disturb Until Christmas!

Some nice reviews for my newest!

Do Not Disturb Until Christmas is a guarantee to touch your heart and your emotions. Charlene Sands can do no less.

Cody Landon loved Sarah Rose as a teen but that love was shattered when Sarah left him to pursue her singing career. Now Cody is a rich businessman and Sarah a famous singer. Cody decides the time is right to get revenge, a perfect Christmas present. He already took the first step by seducing and leaving her but it was not enough. Now he plans to seduce her for more than one night but will that be enough? Cody did not count on Sarah’s pregnancy. Forced to marry, now Cody has her right where he wants her. After the baby is born he will divorce her, but the best-laid plans are often derailed by something simple. The more time Cody spends with her, the more he wants her.

Cody had been deeply hurt by Sarah’s actions. Sarah knew this but felt she had no choice. Coming together in steamy romantic encounters brought out feelings neither wanted. Is that first love really dead? You will need to read Do Not Disturb Until Christmas to find out. Is the magic of the Christmas season enough? Do Not Disturb Until Christmas is perfect for the magic of the time. Steam, romance, and some danger all add up to the perfect book.

Do Not Disturb Until Christmas by Charlene Sands get an A+.

Debby at Cataromance
Cody "Code" Landon is a wealthy and respectable businessman. However, he has had to pull himself up by his bootstraps in order to achieve that success and along the way his heart has been badly broken by country superstar, Sarah Rose. They were madly in love in high school but Sarah had to walk away from him when success called. Her family needed her and Sarah needed to use her voice to help them live. But years later, Code still has not gotten over his anger over Sarah's leaving him in the dust.
Code has been hired to protect Sarah in her Christmas concert series and he is taking his duties seriously. Code wants revenge and he wants Sarah in his bed. He is determined to succeed and show her that the boy she was in love with no longer exists. But Sarah just yearns for one more chance with Code, the first and only man she has ever loved. Can Sarah convince him that their future is more precious than petty revenge? Can she show him that, despite her stardom, she just wants a life filled with love, happiness, and...babies?
Code and Sarah have some serious tension between them. Their chemistry is smoking hot but Code carries a lot of anger inside of him. Would he be strong enough to let that anger go for the promise of happiness Sarah would bring to his life? For her part, Sarah is very lonely. While she is successful, she does not have many close friends and little opportunity to meet an honest and kind man. Code reminds her of her past and her hopes for the future. At times, Code was the very epitome of a man in love but he was also fighting a strong desire for revenge.
That conflict was interesting as Code was clearly yearning for Sarah, but was scared to admit it. I enjoyed watching these two rediscover each other as successful adults. Sarah and Code do not have an easy road together but that makes their romance that much sweeter to savor.
4 of 5 Ribbons

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