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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It isn't Just about Earthquakes!

Well, it's been a whirlwind week! Not only did we have a lovely wedding in Malibu on Saturday... we had Santa Ana Winds on Sunday and our Wildfire Season started on Monday!

You've probably seen the film on your local news. It's quite frightening. But I managed to work my way thru 4 pages of my latest book, a continuity of the Texas Cattleman's Club series yesterday, smelling smoke and thinking it was off in the distance. It wasn't until I turned on the news in the afternoon that I saw how close those wildfires were coming again. I called my friends who lived in the area, and found out they were all fine. We were fine too.
But the winds shift. They are fickle and within an hour, those 6o MPH gusts could change direction. Still and all, while all other neighboring towns evacuated, we didn't have to. We stayed and I watched the news all night. How exhausting it is to see those firefighters and police try to prevent houses from burning. And how, scary. Late last night, I climbed inot bed, wondering if I would sleep at all.

As it turned out, the LAPD knocked hard on my door and said to "get ready to move out. Pack a few things and wait. They'd come back if we need to evacuate." Great. I told my husband to go to sleep and I stayed awake, listening for the wind, the tormenter of our destiny. But in the wee hours of the morning, the winds died down and it appeared the fires changed direction. They were off to torment other unsuspecting residents. All I can say, is that we've been lucky. This the the 3rd time fire has threatened, and we've made it thru okay.

I hurt for those people who weren't so fortunate. They left their homes yesterday morning to go to work, and weren't allowed back. Many didn't know if their homes were still standing. And some weren't.

It isn't just earthquakes in California. It's wind and fire. And then the rains come and we have floods. You know, aside from all this, I still love living here. I love my home, my neighborhood and the "burbs" where we know lots of people.

So today, instead of posting horrendous pictures of wildfires, I want to post the best thing about this week. My daughter's wedding. Here's a few pics. We had so much fun!

My son Jason walking me down the aisle to my seat.

Nikki and dear Hubby, on the famous walk down the aisle.

Dancing With Stars, in their eyes!
Nikki and Zac
Too Cute, flower girl and ring bearer!

These are just snapshots, but I'm happy to share them with you!


Tanya Hanson said...

The wedding looks gorgeous, Charlene. What a beautiful bride. And I'm soooo glad the winds held off that day...and the fires now.

Love ya al,

CherylStJohn said...

Whoo hoo! Everything looks beautiful!

Now take a deep breath and RELAX!