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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at Our House

We love our fake trees. This tinsel tree we forgot that we purchased last year after Christmas. It's pre-lit and we keep no ornaments on it. It's a reminder of the trees our parents had when we were growing up. Don't you love it? We've always wanted a tree in our family/TV room. We spend a lot of time in there.

This one belonged to my mother. When she got too old to put a big tree, she decorated this tiny one with small ornaments. It sits in my living room now on a tabletop.

After 30 years of real trees, we decided to avoid the hassle and cost of getting a live tree - my husband worried about the dry pine needles causing a house fire as one house in our neighborhood burned to the ground that way. What can you do? In California our warm temps during winter causes problems. This tree is our mainstay and houses all of our favorite ornaments.

Oh and if you'd love a really great free online read, our fellow Filly from Petticoats and Pistols is offering up a daily serial of a great western!
Check Pot Potter's story out HERE.

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