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Friday, July 03, 2009

From Cataromance ... My First Review!

Review: Texan's Wedding Night Wager by Charlene Sands

Pride and lack of communication are at the root of the Charlene Sand's excellent story, Texan's Wedding-Night Wager.

Cara Pettigrew has not talked to her husband for four years. Now it is time to end the marriage and get a divorce. She agrees to meet with Kevin Novak so he can sign the papers but Kevin refuses to let her off easy. In return for his signature, Cara must remain in town for two weeks and then Kevin wants one final night. Kevin embarks on scheme to court and seduce Cara and when she falls in love with him, he will leave her just as she did him four years ago. Cara left those years ago because she felt she came in second to Kevin's work. Now she sees a different man and begins to hope there could be a future for them, until she learns the truth.

Both Cara and Kevin felt hurt and injured in their breakup but neither fully understood how the other felt. Charlene Sands does an excellent job of allowing us to view their opinions and feelings. Both were trying to protect themselves from more hurt and wanted to keep their heart safe. Intensely emotional and thoroughly satisfying, Texan's Wedding Night Wager will tug at our emotions and have us rooting for these two to put pride behind and talk to each other honestly. Texan's Wedding Night Wager - another not-to-be missed tale by Charlene Sands.
Debby Guyette – Reviewer

4.5 Stars ****
Sensuous Rating

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Cheryl St.John said...

All of your covers are gorgeous. Congrats on a great review!