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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Carpe Diem, Seize the Moment

It's a good rule to live by. It's my motto for life. We have so much stress in our lives and I'm not just speaking about in our everyday life, though God knows we have that. But it's hard to watch TV these days or pick up a newspaper without allowing the world events and even local news bring negativity into our lives.

At least for me, a sensitive soul, it's hard to witness destruction and things getting ugly. It's hard for me to realize I'm middle-aged,(though going on 16) and that many of my friends won't get the chance to reach old age.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of some of those who have lost the fight, especially Marlene Goldstein, a childhood friend who passed on last week from a rare incurable disease. And to Jack Miller, my dedicated deputy sheriff, also a childhood friend, who was struck down by a gang member. And to Guy Smith, who lost a cancer fight. All friends who died way too young.

So today my blog isn't about writing or reading. Today it's about learning how to live life to the fullest. My country guy Tim McGraw sings, "Live Like You Were Dying." How many of us really do that? How many of us put off the things we really want to do, the dreams we have, the trips we want to take, that one thing in life that would put a smile on our face every day of the year?

I don't need a friend to die to realize this. It's something I've always believed, but I've been trained, disciplined, taught to be cautious, to save for the future, to not take too many chances. And all that's good advice UNLESS it's stifles you and your dreams.

So I say, CARPE DIEM. SEIZE THE MOMENT! Take a day off and play hookie. Take that trip you can't really afford, get first row seats for your favorite concert! But it's not just about money. Seize the moment every way you can. Help a friend and both will reap rewards. Make your other half feel special and see how special it also makes you feel. Give a spontaneous compliment to a stranger. When you see an opportunity that thrills you, don't overthink or analyze it to death. Don't live a life filled with regrets. "I should have, I wish I had, I'll never get that chance again." Find the courage to seize the day, stop and smell the roses along the way. Enjoy the little things, do the big things.

You'll never regret it.


Ann Cory said...

I'm doing that tomorrow - taking the day off and walking on the beach. I get so lost in my stories sometimes - living my life through the characters it feels like - that I forget. So - no work - all play :)

Great post!

Shelli Stevens said...

What a nice post, Charlene! I haven't lost any friends yet. But I can't even imagine the struggle if I had. I love that song and you have a great outlook on life.

Charlene Sands said...

Hi Ann and Shelli - Glad you stopped by and I hope many people learn to live in the moment, at least once in a while.