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Monday, August 07, 2006

Getting it Done and Having Fun too!

I'll admit it's hard to get to the computer right now. Our blistering heat has simmered down and summertime is always a time for fun and games, isn't it? But I do have a plan. This morning I woke up and got right to the computer at 7AM. This is my week to blog on the Desire Authors site, so if you want to check out my post on why I wrote Bunking Down with the Boss, go to and hit Blog/Spotlight.

So after I posted my Desire blog, I did an online interview with a Cobblestone Press author,(thank you, Madison) which will be posted tomorrow. And I polished an article for our award-winning newsletter called Behind the Book, Abducted at the Altar. A little background story on why and how I wrote that book. The article will appear in my chapter's wonderful Orange Blossom newsletter that reads more like a magazine, for September.

So, after doing my business things, I decided I needed a break. Coffee and a fun computer game I like to play. It's a good distraction for me and it helps break up the day. And after this blog today, I'll exercise for a little while, have lunch, then I'm free! When I'm disciplined like this, I don't worry about taking time for some fun things, maybe shopping, though I'm not a shopper. Or I'll finish the book I've been reading ... more enjoyable for me. And then later, I'll watch the ANGEL's game, and then just because I want to ... I'll come back to the computer. Maybe even do some writing!

Well, that's how I get it done and have fun too!

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