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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Way to a Man's Heart Reviews and Promo

It's a Shameless Promotion, but I have to direct you all to the December Issue of RWR (Romance Writer's Report) where I have joined in with five other Cobblestone Press authors for a great color ad.

For those of you who only read print books, this one is a reissue set in downloadable form and available from at You might want to try something new - digital publishing!

And check out this new review from :

Growing up, Christy Evans had been leery of her neighbor Kyle Warren. He had been a star athlete, too sure of himself and too capable of being a heart breaker. Having returned home after the death of his father to handle his estate, Christy knew it was time for a tentative showing of friendship. It was something “Pop” Warren would have wanted.

Kyle had never been able to get anywhere with Christy – not that he had even tried. First, Pop would have had his hide, but Christy wouldn’t even acknowledge him for the remotest possibility of friendship. Sure he may have been a bit wilder in his youth, but he was an adult now. It shouldn’t be so difficult to be friends.
Although friendship was not necessarily what Kyle wanted now.

The Way to a Man’s Heart by Charlene Sands is a romance that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Kyle is a hero that any woman should want, but Christy has been burned too many times in the past. She can’t, or won’t, take chances again. But Kyle isn’t someone to sit back as a quitter. I enjoyed watching his reactions. Charlene Sands proved herself to be a competent writer by creating a hero who does not react in expected fashion and that was a welcome respite from a more predictable plotline.

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