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Monday, November 17, 2008

James Bond - couldn't wait to see it!

Are you a fan? I have to admit that unlike my hubby, who loved Sean Connery, my tastes are more for Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. I loved Casino Royale that came out last year with Daniel Craig (0r was that two years ago?) At any rate I couldn't wait for this new installment and we pre-bought tickets and saw the movie on Saturday night.

I was totally entertained. Thought the pacing between action scenes and more sedate storytelling scenes was good, but what this movie lacked, was what normally separates it from any other hero/action film.

Gone are the clever James Bond one-liners that make your face twitch with amusement. That tell you, he knows much more than he's saying. That tell you he's in trouble, but he knows how he'll get out of it. This new James Bond is deadly serious. He's way above ALPHA. There's no real light moments in Quantum of Solace.

I like Daniel Craig as James Bond, so I can't fault him. But I can fault the writers and directors for leaving out the most fun elements in a James Bond flick. Where were the "gadgets" that gave James the edge? You didn't see them in this movie. Why not?

Why take the Bond factor, out of a James Bond movie? Don't they know that's what the viewing public are coming to see? It's what brings us back. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Apparently, the movie made 70 million in it's opening weekend which was more than expected. But I don't attribute that so much with such a great movie, but with the LACK of good movies out this year.

Did I enjoy Quantum of Solace. Yes, I did. But I would have enjoyed it more if they had those gadgets and one-liners than are Bond's signature. If James Bond wasn't so banged up through-out the movie with a bloodied face and torn clothes. Do you remember Sean Connery ever looking that way? Don't you wonder what Ian Fleming would have to say about all of this?

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