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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Predicting the Winners!

I love three shows. The first one I find extremely motivating and it helps keep me on track with a good diet and exercise. The Biggest Loser!

When I first heard of the show I thought, there's no way I'm watching that! I'd prejudged it without giving it a chance. Now it is by far the one show each week I won't miss.

Before and After

My predictions for The Biggest Loser is and always has been Tara. She's an amazingly strong willed and powerful woman. Mike is doing great and who knows, he just may pull it off.

I also love American Idol for sheer entertainment value. It's fun to watch the performances and see what each of the contestants will sing. My hubby and I critique their songs and most often agree (we both have NO musical talent, btw). Both of us are blown away by Adam Lambert. He's in a class by himself. I think Chris Allen will come in second.

And of course, because I love to dance, I watch and cheer on the celebrities on Dancing with the Stars. I was shocked by last night's elimination. All of the remaining couples are very good and I hated to see Chuck and

Julianne go. Julianne is my favorite of the professionals with her brother Derek, a close second. My prediction is really a toss up between Melissa of The Bachelor fame, who remained despite a bad injury and Giles, the

Frenchman who looks like a professional already and my sentimental favorite, Olympic gymnast, Shawn Johnson. She's too cute for words and so talented!

So there you have it! When I'm not writing, I manage to get these shows in along with Lost, Desperate Housewives and Medium. We are now a 2 DVR family... thank goodness!

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