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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just found out some great news!  Texan's Wedding Night Wager is a finalist in the prestigious Book Buyer's Best Award Contest!  And Million-Dollar Marriage Merger is on Eharlequin's Top 10 Passionate Picks! 

Remember, all Passion books are on sale in April/May for 30% off! Click on sidebar icon.

Top 10 Passionate Picks

1. Spontaneous by Brenda Jackson

2. Taken by the Pirate Tycoon by Daphne Clair

3. Virgin on Her Wedding Night by Lynne Graham

4. Million-Dollar Marriage Merger by Charlene Sands

5. Long Summer Nights by Kathleen O'Reilly

6. The Tycoon Takes a Wife by Catherine Mann

7. The Prince's Chambermaid by Sharon Kendrick

8. The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child by Anne Mather

9. Scandalizing the CEO by Katherine Garbera

10. Make Your Move by Samantha Hunter

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