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Monday, June 05, 2006

Don't Lie to Me -- The Break-Up

Usually, I'm not one to criticize, but the other day, after my husband recovered from a bout with the flu, we decided to see a light-hearted, fun movie. Neither of us were in for anything heavy. If we were, we might have opted for something different, but The Break-Up seemed like a good choice.

We sat there -- hoping that somehow this movie would get better. Get funnier. Get us out from the uncomfortable feeling of watching two people fight right in front of you. Oh - yes, there were a few funny lines. A few things that made us chuckle, but even a hardcore war story does that at times. Breaks the tension. This movie is one big lie. It's not a comedy. Not a romance and surely it shouldn't have been labeled a romantic comedy.

What's weird is that it was too real. The sadness in J.Anniston's eyes, the frustration, the anger she felt over a man she should never have married (they were as different as night and day) and honestly the husband, V.Vaughn had no redeeming qualities. Even the way the movie opened, proved him to be an annoying jerk and the next thing we see, the two living together, apparently, they skipped over all the happy times. Fast forward to a couple miserable with each other and trying to find ways to hurt each other.

Did I say real? It was so real, that I felt uncomfortable watching it, squirming in my seat, wondering where the comedy was? If they wanted to make a movie like that, fine-- but don't lie to me. Don't lead me to believe that this story would make me laugh, make me forget the daily grind of life. Make me believe there would be a satisfying ending. A Happily Ever After. This time -- I should have listened to the critics. This time -- they got it right.

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