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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good-bye to Katie

I'm usually writing in the mornings, but when I take a break, sometimes I sit down and watch the Today show. It's been a ritual in my house for so many many years. I wasn't glued to the set, some segments didn't even appeal to me, but Matt and Katie and Al and Ann had, unwittingly on my behalf, become my comfort zone. If I needed a break, I knew I could turn on the TV and see Katie and Matt do interviews, sit on that couch and tease each other, find out the weather and the news.

I'm not crushed that Katie left. It's not that deep an emotion, but I will miss her. For someone who doesn't like change too much in her life, when I find my comfort zone, be it, TV shows, writing style, or family, I hate to see it go.

That's how I feel about Katie. And I forgot it was her last day yesterday. I spent the morning writing, and only later in the day, did I see ALL over the news, snipets of Katie's final farewall for the Today show. I know she'll anchor the news, but I don't watch network news, and that's not the role I'm used to seeing her in anyway.
So for me, who's sorry that I missed the last of Katie, good-bye and good luck.
I'll miss you in my comfort zone.

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1 comment:

BWW said...

You hit it on the head. I rarely have the opp to watch morning TV but I did enjoy Katie Couric and Matt Lauer when I did. I became better acquainted with Katie C. after I read an article about her in AARP magazine. Seems like she'd be a good neighbor.
As for change - I enjoy change. I like to freshen things up by moving them around. I'll take different routes to work just to see what's new. My son, 4 y/o Wesley, is ever changing so that's enjoyable - most of the time!