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Monday, July 24, 2006

My "Devil" Cat, Skittles

Part of the problem is that Skittles is half-Siamese, we're told. She is an amazingly sweet loving cat -- to us. But she's fickle and sometimes she allows visitors, actually welcomes them and might even rub up against them when they're sitting in my kitchen. But for some reason that we have yet to figure, she goes into "attack" mode, and most times it is completely unprovoked.

That's when she becomes vicious. This, she has never done to me, my husband or my daughter, but she has been known to go a little crazy when we're not in the room, arching her back, hair on end, hissing and making near-excorist sounds. And worse yet, she actually attacks, with claws out, striking at people in our house.

When she trapped my son in my bathroom, refusing to let him out, clawing at the door, growling and striking him, making his finger bleed, we just couldn't figure it. She'd known my son, used to sleep with him when he lived at home. And five minutes later, she re-emerged in the living room where we were all talking, as if nothing had ever happened. Short term memory? Crazy? It's weird and we joke about our sweet little lovable cat, who purrs, sits on my computer when I'm working, talks to us and sleeps on our bed at night, wondering about the Jeckal and Hyde syndrome.

It's gotten to the point that no one wants to come inside the house to feed her, when we're out of town! They're afraid she'll go into attack mode. And she has, in the past- biting the hand that feeds her, per se. So, I'm asking any of you, if you've had any experience with "devil" cats. And what to do about them.

Adorable, isn't she? Our tuxedo cat with dual personalities!


Sable Grey said...

oooh kitty kitty! I have three cats myself - Miss Kitty, Amber Kat, and Zed. I also have Marshall Dillion, my dog...a spoiled black lab mix who thinks he's a real boy.

I love your cat! Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

i have a kittie that looks just like that. the people at the pound (where we got the kittie) said it was a girl but it's realy a boy now. his name was nancy but now nate. i love him. he is very skittish but oh so adorable. MEOW!