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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Westerns -- Continued

Here's the pics I couldn't upload yesterday. Handsome cowboys, aren't they? And the roles they played made a lasting impression on so many lives. High Noon is one of the classic westerns of our time, speaking of raw courage and commitment. I can watch this movie a hundred times. And Cheyenne? Who was he exactly? I never could figure that out! He seemed to roam from town to town, getting himself in some sort of trouble wherever he went. A real serious cowboy dude. And then there's Little Joe Cartwright. His character was multi-dimensional and Michael Landon played him so expertly. Sometimes serious, but mostly he lent humor and fun to the show, teasing Hoss no end with his cocky, mocking smile that we all came to love. There's so many other westerns that I loved, a fading light on the horizon, it seems. Where are the good westerns now? Have we moved on, grown out of that era? I hope not. I'd love to see more and read more and write more.


CherylStJ said...

Oh yeah. Now those are MEN!

Sable Grey said...

OMG I had the biggest crush on Michael Landon for so many years!

I'm a huge western fan myself. I even named my first cat Miss Kitty and my dog Marshall Dillion. LOL