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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Westerns - How much I love them!

I wonder how many females cringe at the thought of watching a classic old western movie with John Wayne or Gary Cooper or Jimmy Stewart? Or how many women actually get excited when a new television mini-series shows up, like Lonesome Dove and the recent two-parter, Broken Trail? How many of us of the gentler sex actually tape or TVO old series like Bonanza, Big Valley, Rifleman and Cheyenne?

Well, count me among the women who do! I know it's crazy. I keep telling my husband its one of the many reasons he should be glad he married me. I can't help it! I love stories of the old west. I love the history, the drama, the whole time period thrills me. Okay, it's also not hard on the eyes to watch those hunky cowboys. Who didn't love Michael Landon as Little Joe? And what woman alive wouldn't like to have Cheyenne Body aka Clint Walker, rescue her?

What's really great is that there's an abundance of these movies and TV shows on cable these days. Right now, I have a few episodes of Big Valley and a couple of classic westerns waiting for me to watch on my DVR. It's great for my research in that it gets me in the mood, gives me ideas for scenery, for settings and for storylines. But I will admit most of my true research comes from my extensive library of books on the time period that I've collected over recent years.

So, now I'm reading a great western romance by my friend and great writer, Cheryl St. John as I head off onto the trails of my newest story, Bodine's Bounty. This one is just in proposal stage at the moment. And then, I'll be writing a western anthology for Harlequin called Spring Brides for 2008! So, I have lots of ways to get motivated. Lots of fun reading and writing ahead. But honestly, for me it's no chore. I love those stories!

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CherylStJ said...

I love your westerns, too, Charlene! My goal as a child was to grow up and marry Little Joe Cartwright. What was not to love?

Most recently I soaked in Broken Trail on TBS and loved the old west expressions. I could watch Lonesome Dove or Open Range any day of the week. Before I read romances I read Louis L'Amour and any other western I could lay my hands on. The tales take place during a time of adventure and courage in our country's history, and I think that's what I love about them. I love the rugged men, but I also admire the brave women who tamed the West. Those are the people I like to read about and write about.