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Monday, July 31, 2006

Spring Brides Anthology for 2008

It seems like a long way off for me to be thinking about my next project, the shortened 30,000 word story for the Spring Brides western anthology, but the synopsis is due in October and I've yet to come up with a viable idea.

True, I've been working on another western, hoping to sell Bodine's Bounty to Harlequin Historicals very soon, but now that the proposal is done, I need to be thinking of my next project. And the idea of writing a story, not big enough for a full book, yet has all the emotion, adventure, excitement of a full book, is actually a challenge I'm happy to take it on. I'm finishing up the Wed Under Western Skies anthology, loving it and especially Cheryl St. John's - Almost A Bride. The book made me laugh out loud, something I don't do often when reading, and the chuckles continued every time I thought of this one scene, but it's by far not a comedy. That's the beauty of good writing, real life situations have a way of making us laugh sometimes, putting ourselves in the hero/heroine's shoes. And just a few chapters later, I shed tears from a scene that really touched me.

So, thinking up a good story takes a while and I always want my stories to touch the reader in some way. The best way I have of coming up with ideas, is too simply not think too hard, but put the ideas to rest and then read some other books. From them, ideas spark, and the what-ifs, begin to happen. I'm not one to stare at a blank screen. I never have. I ususally don't even sit down at the computer to write unless I know exactly what I want to write about.

For me, it works!

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