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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What Happens in Vegas - A Different Story

Yes, after sitting at the Roulette table and having a few too many Black Russians, I could talk about my escapades in the casino, but that would be a typical Las Vegas story, wouldn't it?

So I'd rather speak about the fun I had at visiting my cousin just north of Vegas, and his 14 horse stables. Although it was record heat, even for the desert that day, hitting temps of 126 degrees, I had to venture outside to visit these sweet, well-cared for horses. Being a avid reader and writer of westerns, I've learned and absorbed a lot about horses from books and internet sources, but there's nothing quite so intriguing as being there, looking those gorgeous animals in the eyes and really relating to them.

The gelding Royal a beautiful Arabian comes from Wayne Newton's stables and he's really a noble creature with a gentle nature. Cody, was headed for the glue factory, until my cousin adopted him, and Heather, who is an 18 year old mini, is really a horse and not a pony. Casper is pure white, like the ghost! I learned that a true thoroughbred can't have blue eyes and it's not good to have too much color on their stockings. The palominos are golden, with incredible blonde manes and paints have color on their white coats, looking exactly as if someone tossed a dark paint on them, whether it be black or tan or brown.

I've learned all of this through books as well, but to see these lovely creatures, pet them, feed them and spend time with them was the highlight of my Las Vegas trip, that and spending time with the family I don't see often enough.


Lyric said...

Great pictures Charlene. I love horses. They're so majestic.

Ann Cory said...

Ooooooooo, pretty horses :) Love the pics!!!

~Ann Cory