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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Fun Hotel Story!

Thank all of you who are continuing to post your hotel stories! Check back tomorrow when I pick one of the many favorites for a signed backlist book!

And remember, this is a HARD task for me because all of your stories are unique in their own way! I appreciate you sending them in.

Here's a fun story from a good friend I thought I'd share:

It was on one of Joe's business trips to California. We were at the Universal Studio hotel. We went to the lounge to have a cocktail before dinner. While sipping on a Sombrero, I spied a mouse under the radiator. I did a great job of keeping my composure seeing I'm terribly afraid of mice (aren't most women??).

I don't know if Joe did it on purpose or not, but he touched my leg. Thinking it was the mouse, I jumped out of seat and let out a blood curdling scream, which got the attention of everyone in the crowded lounge. Joe was mortified. Management came out with brooms and tried to capture it, only to have a guy at the table next to us say, "Gee, lady, it's only a poor little mouse".

What is it about mice that scare us? I'm the same way - I jump and scream if I see a mouse! What about you?
Megan -if you're out there, I still owe you a book! Email me at
And remember, if you post annonymously, I have no way of knowing who you are! Always put your names or email addresses in your posts!

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