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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From Romance Reviews Today ... a good way to wake up in the morning!

FIVE-STAR COWBOY – Charlene Sands Suite Secrets,
Book 1 Silhouette Desire #1889 ISBN (13): 978-0-373-76889-9 ISBN (10): 0-373-76889-3 August 2008 Series Romance

Crimson Canyon, Arizona ~ Present Day

Months ago, Trent Tyler and Julia Lowell had a torrid weekend affair. But with his work in Arizona and hers in California, an affair wasn’t in the cards. That is, until Trent manipulated Julia, unknown to her, into losing a big contract. With no job, she’s hired at his new hotel resort to help drum up business using her marketing skills. Trent wants their relationship to resume where they left off months before, but Julia is determined to not mix business and pleasure. Trent can be a very persuasive man…

Trent wants Julia with a desire he has rarely felt before. He’ll move heaven and earth (and tweak a few things) to get what he wants. A hot little affair with Julia while she works on the marketing project for him should be enough to get her out of his system. Not only does she resist him, but the craving for her grows even stronger as each day passes. Hanging over Trent’s head is the real reason she’s here. How will Julia react when she finds out?

By the time FIVE-STAR COWBOY opens, Trent and Julia have already had their weekend affair and the lingering aftereffects haven’t gone away. Trent is determined to woo Julia back into his bed. She quickly dispels that notion. Julia sees Trent as a dangerous man to whom she could lose her heart, and she’s afraid of heartache. She knows he isn’t looking for anything permanent, and she should feel the same, but what if she does the unthinkable, something which has already begun…falling in love with Trent? Can she walk away from this bachelor cowboy?

Trent comes across as manipulative and bossy at first, but Julia soon tames him into seeing there’s more to life than taking on challenges. He’s always betting with his brother and sees Julia as just another one to go after. But Julia soon proves to Trent that he shouldn’t mess with her…and true love.

Part of a new trilogy called Suite Secrets, FIVE-STAR COWBOY introduces readers to two heroes who will appear in future books: Cody Landon and Brock Tyler, and get a big hint who Cody’s lady will be. Readers also get to catch up on Laney and Evan from THE CORPORATE RAIDER’S REVENGE, as Evan and Trent are brothers, and Julia and Laney are best friends. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the Suite Secrets series.

In FIVE-STAR COWBOY, a couple working together as business associates prove that sometimes business can be mixed with pleasure. The love scenes are steamy and emotional, while Charlene Sands has penned a story with characters you’ll fall in love with. An engaging read, and one I highly recommend.
Patti Fischer

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