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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Loving All Your Suite Secrets!

I'm so glad many of you are taking part in the Suite Secrets Contest. I can't tell you how much fun they are to read.

Here's a story from a good male friend, who shall remain nameless. I can't resist sharing HIS hotel story with you. BTW, I verified this with his wife and she confirmed this really happened. Names have been changed to protect the, uh, innocent.

When I was in my mid twenties, I would often be sent to Manhattan for computer training. On one such trip I finished the session for the day and took the elevator to my room. After a few minutes the phone rang. It was a women's voice saying she would like to come to my room to meet me. Now this was a time when THE WIFE and I often played pranks on each other and my first thought was that she is with a friend and had her call me to see how I would react.

Well I really turned on the charm and the woman talked more about a visit. She asked what I drank so she could bring some with her. I mentioned scotch. After a few minutes of hot conversation thinking I was confusing THE WIFE and her friend I said I just stepped out of the shower and she caught me with nothing more then a towel (a lie). She said not a problem she would be right over. I figured I would expose the "joke" by asking how she knew what room I was in. She said she was in the elevator with me and got off the same floor I did. I stopped breathing! She hung up the phone. I don't remember how long I went without breathing but just when I started there was a knock on the door. I opened the door, she walked in quickly, handed me a drink and took a seat. I was still looking out the open door at a maid that was watching the whole thing. It probably caught her eye because the women was wearing some sort of negligee at five in the afternoon. I closed the door and started to take a sip of the drink she handed me. My hand was shaking so much that the ice was clinking against the glass. She put so much perfume on the glass I couldn't tell if it was in fact scotch. The first thing I said to her, over the sound of the ice clinking against the glass, was "I'm married and you better leave".

She made some small talk about just being friends. I said with a voice shaking more then the ice, "if you don't leave I'm calling the front desk". (Boy, did I handle that well). She got up and left the room. The whole thing couldn't have taken more then two minutes.
Over the years, many guys have asked what she looked like. I have no idea.

How many times do you think she told her female friends about the idiot she met while in New York?

Keep sending in those stories. I'll pick from our list at the end of next week and one of you will receive a signed copy of one of my backlist of books.

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