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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Changing Ways We Read

Do you remember, before the invention of backpacks how we would pile up our schoolbooks onto of a thick binder and walk to school each day? It may have been five or six books at a time. I recall the books falling off the neat stack as we gabbed with friends along the way. I also remember my parents taking pity on me when I had too many books, offering to drive me to school. Some days I took them up on it.

Times HAVE changed!

There's no denying it. I don't think my parents would have believed or fathomed how much. With the ever emerging inventions of electonic devices these days, even a person well atuned would have trouble keeping up with the new technology.

Would my parents ever have believed that you could have hundreds of books held in the palm of your hand? What would they say if they saw the new teeny tiny cell phones that have computer tendencies? Would they even grasp a text message?

I think not.

I've been keeping up, barely. I have a cell phone, a bluetooth, a 22 inch computer monitor with all the bells and whistles. But I'm not a text messager. I haven't succumbed to reading a book on my cell phone or an ereader. Amazon now has Kindle, a device that turns pages like a book. For effect, I'd say.

And now the latest is Daily Lit. How many of you know what Daily Lit is?

I'm learning.

Yesterday I received a message from a representative from Daily Lit who has partnered with Harlequin, that my book The Corporate Raider's Revenge, will now be available in this form.

In essence, they spoon feed you a story daily. Here's where cell phones come in handy. Many people will read the stories via their cell, via email or RSS feeds. Daily Lit provides you with two free samples which seems to consist of several pages of text, then if you like what you're reading ... if the author has hooked you ... you can buy the entire book and it's delivered in daily chunks.

The books are read in short, daily installments via email or RSS. They offer both free and paid books and have titles available in genres as diverse as science fiction, classics, and, of course, romance.

Daily Lit has chosen The Corporate Raider's Revenge, 1 of the 100 that they are featuring to date ... pretty impressive ... and I'm delighted they chose my book for this!

To view two free samples of my book from Daily Lit :

Please check it out.

Let me know what you think!


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