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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun in San Francisco!

This year the Romance Writers of America convention will be held in San Franciso in just a few days! My Orange County Chapter is holding a wonderful contest for attendees.

If you're going you won't want to miss playing OCC Bingo. Here's the details from our esteemed president, Sue Phillips:

For anyone attending the National RWA Conference in SF --
Win a $100 Visa Gift Card!

The Orange County Chapter/RWA is sponsoring a fun game at the Literacy Signing on Wednesday night, July 30th!

Look for an OCC member passing out Bingo-type game cards with the names of 30 OCC/RWA authors who are signing that night. (They will have a tent-card with a big orange on it!) Get at least 15 signatures plus the title of their next book, write your email address on the card and drop it at the OCC Hospitality Suite. A winner will be drawn after the conference and notified by email.

Say hello to your favorite authors! Meet new authors! No obligation to buy! (But, of course, feel free to do so!)
See you there!

I hope you stop by my table and say hello. They always seat us alphabetically, so you'll find me at the "S" table!!
Good luck with the contest! It sounds like fun!!

1 comment:

Tanya Hanson said...

I'll be there saying hi.

Congrats on all your books.

~Tanya Hanson