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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Have you ever gotten stuck in an elevator in a hotel? Have you ever been in a hotel black-out? Any hotel mishaps? Met your other half in the hotel pool or gym?

Celebrating the launch of Five-Star Cowboy set in Tempest West Hotel, the first of the Suite Secrets mini-series, we're holding this blog contest!

Simply post any fun/intriguing/harrowing/romantic adventures that has happened to you in a hotel! Every so often I'll be picking a favorite and sending out autographed books.

Then in September, all hotel blog comments will go into a random drawing for a Grand Prize of a $25.00 Victoria Secret Gift Certificate AND a Secret Prize.

Remember you have to blog here to be entered!!
I want to hear your stories!


Gina said...

Hi Charlene, well my story is that, in Feburary this year, I went to do some reseach for university at this hotel and was waiting for the manager in the lobby, then this guy who was in the country for business, came down stairs while I was there. Really handsome, he passed said and said hi. 5 minutes after he passed again and picked up a newspaper on the table next to me and sat down to read it, which is strange since this is the area for visitors, not guests, he got up not long after that and then came back only this time he sat on the couch I was at, so I was begining to get worried, then he said, I just have to tell you that you have a lovely smile. I was there blushing and then we struck up a conversation turns out he is such a nice person we exchanged phone numbers. To get to the point he became my first boyfriend and we are now engaged.

squiresj said...

I will never forget the vacation we took when my oldest daughter was a baby. We went to the Grand Canyon with my father-in-law and mother-in-law. We lived in Arizona at the time. We stayed overnight at a Motel there. It was a living nightmare and not a good start to being loved by my in-laws. They wouldn't allow us to get separate hotel rooms and my husband made good money at the time and we could have afforded it. No - we all stayed in one room and had a crib brought up for my daughter.
I was raised with running water and a shower but had a shower since getting married. The shower curtain in the bathroom allowed water to run all over the floor and had to be mopped up. My in-laws treated me like crap and my husband said nothing about the way they spoke to me. For 28 years it was always that way. I was an outsider. But I never forgot that nightmare and it ruined our vacation for me.

LJ said...

In May last year, my best friend had a wedding so, I stayed at this hotel for a few days. The power went out in the hotel on the same day I had to check out, well to top this off I twisted my ankle wearing too high heels. The bellhop took the luggage to the check out counter, which left me with the problem of getting downstairs without the elevator. I am thinking if I go down each step slow I"ll make it down sometime, but I will hurt my ankle more since I was on the 8th floor. So I am sitting on the steps thinking, when this guy comes out of his room to head down the stairs, sees me there and ask what is the problem. So being friendly I told him and he end up talking to me for a while, then he tells me he has a solution to my problem. When I ask what is he said he will show me. Next thing I know he picks me up in his arms and starts to carry me downstairs. I am in feeling greatful, shock and a little embrassed. So with nothind else to do but continue talking we just shared some things about ourselves. So when we reached the counter, he still did not leave me but waited with me till I was done, got a taxi and also helped to get to the airport. I just went with my instincts to trust him and it sure paid off. We exchanged contacts and it turned into a long distance relationship. Is it any wonder I married this guy and he was so romantic we were married one year later, exactly on the date we met.

Charlene Sands said...

Hi Ladies,
I'm loving all these stories. Thanks for sharing.

Gina - Congrats on your engagement! Wonderful news.

squiresj -- Bummer on the in-law situation. Sorry to hear you're vacation was ruined. I bet that memory stays with you.

lj - oh how romantic! I love a HEA - Happily Ever After story. To think, hurting an ankle turned out to be a good thing!

Tanya Hanson said...

Well, my story isn't romantic LOL. It's a bit harrowing. I've had to be evacuated three times by hotel fire alarms!

Chicago, London and San Luis Obispo.

Fortunately none of the fires were serious, but all guests did have to vacate. And it was dreadfully scary until we knew the details. The hotel room in London was ten stories that we had to walk down --but we didn't have to climb back up LOL. At least we remembered to grab our passports before evacuating.

I loved the posts about the couples meeting randomly and getting together. How romantic.

Connie said...

Running away to an Omaha motel with my widowed friend Rosemary, for rest and rejuvination was never about shopping for a husband, but lost keys made us wonder. Almost as quickly as we arrived at the motel we headed to the pool and spa becoming relaxed and sleepy. Later while we reclined on the beds we joked about heading to a bar to see what males we could find for Rosemary.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and commenting to my sidekick, I said, "We don't need to go out. They are coming to us." I timidly opened the door where I found a handsome gentleman!

"Madam," he said, "you may want to take your key from the door." With much girlish giggling we took our lost key and closed the door on the bewildered gentleman.

Avi J said...

My story is that one time in the hotel restaurant, I was going to eat lunch by myself, just before I had an interview, when the waiter brought my food, just before he reached my table someone got up suddenly, and pushed their chair back too far and it bumped into the waiter, and he lost his balance, so my cold soup, salad and chocolate mousse fell all over me. I was shocked, but then I started laughing at the situation, guess food falling on people dosen't only happen on movies. So there I am, some guy rushed to help me, and also the waiter is sorry, I said its alright, these things happen (I worked as a waitress before, so I know accidents happen) and tried to get cleaned up, only my interview outfit was ruined and basically my hair was in a mess. The job I was interviewing for was popular and I am just a little sad as I would not have been able to go as I was. Then tears started falling from my eyes. So the guy who was helping me saw them and he wanted to know what was wrong. So I mentioned the interview how I could not go again. It turned out that the man helping me was in fact the owner of the company, I was going for the interview, and he was having lunch there. So he ended up interviewing me right there (looking as I was). I ended up getting the job on the spot because in addition to my qualifactions, he said the way I handled the incident, that is the attitude and personality they want in the company. I am still with the company.

bunnyoftroy said...

Enter:Suite Secrets Hi i am new to blogging as i am sure you all can the cover art on your books. Sort of an added bonus!

Charlene Sands said...

These stories are all great! I'm having fun reading them.

I was at the Romance Writers of America convention in San Francisco this week, so I'm a little behind. I WILL be sending out an autographed book soon to one of you.

And remember, all who post are entered into the main contest of Suite Secrets!

Thanks for sharing!!

Oh and bunnyoftroy -- keep blogging! It's a fun way to get to know one another!

Anonymous said...

I went to a Home Economics convention in New Orleans one year and when I was in the hotel lobby a guy rushed up to me and said,"Jackie, how nice to see you here. I didn't know you would be here." or something to that effect and I said, "My name is not Jackie." He insisted it was (he thought I was my twin sister who lives in San Diego) It was a few awkward moments but we resolved the issue and we later had dinner. A nice guy

Meljprincess said...

Congratulations on your award, Charlene!!

On one occasion my sis and I stopped at a motel in NC. We got our room key and drove around the back to park and go inside. My sis had to sneak her dog in so she asked me to go to the inside door and unlock the back door so she could get in. I went to the door and tried the key but it didn't work. I heard noise so I pressed my head to the door and the TV was on! They gave us the wrong key and the room was occupied! I'm suprised nobody came to the door while I was trying to fit the key in the slot. lol!
Another good hotel story was when my friend and I snatched Dave Navarro away from the other members of Jane's Addiction and the three of us partied hard in our own room. Oh, I've partied and had so much fun in hotels/motels!
Last but not least a friend and I got locked out of our room. Another friend was inside and she couldn't get the blasted door open either! We called maintenance and a guy had to open the door with a crowbar. ROFL!

Mel K.

Charlene Sands said...

Hi LJ,

You're the first winner of a signed book! Contact me at with your choice of book and your address!

More winners to come!

~Kristen said...

While in the midst of having "fun" on a hotel golf course (at night), the sprinklers came on & I screamed so loudly that all of the nearby hotel guests, with rooms on the golf course, came out onto their patio' see us running naked through the water (and into the lights)...very embarrassing!

JoanneR said...

While on a trip to California, back in the day, had made arrangements to meet friends in a certain room. Proceeded to said room, knocked on the door, walked in and encountered future boyfriend standing in the room with just his undies on and staring at himself in the mirror. Smiled lightly, apologized and realized had walked into the wrong room! After returning to CT, we became very good friends and kind of a couple.

Anonymous said...




Pat Cochran said...

My hotel stories all surround the
annual trips made with some 100 to
150 of our nearest and dearest band
students to contest competition! All 17 years during which we had a child in the high school band, we did the chaperone trek to contest. Each year has a special story,
like the year we stayed in a motel and the Dads,who had outdoor duty, "spotlighted" each rascal who tried to leave their room. Then there was the year the Moms spent the
night sitting in the halls outside
the student rooms, because after
curfew so many sweet girls kept
trying to leave their rooms. Oh,
there was so much door-slamming
going on! As booster president
that year, I got to go from floor
to floor checking out the action!

Pat Cochran

GladysMP said...

I was at a national convention in Miami Beach and contests were being held by various state groups in attendance. Our delegates from Texas were discussing the contest we had planned and it was decided that we needed more prizes. I mentioned that I had brought some items with me just in case they were needed for that purpose. A man in the group volunteered to go to my room with me to bring the items down to the meeting room. When the two of us walked into my room, two maids were cleaning the room. Seeing a man and woman enter the room together, one of the maids spoke up and said, "Should we leave?" I replied, "No, we just came up to pick up a few things." The man with me turned the color of a beet. He later told me, "Do you know how what you said sounded?"

dcreager said...

My story is very embarrassing but here goes. My husband and I were taking a trip with another couple and we stopped at a motel that was being renovated but still had some rooms. We got our rooms and we settled in for the night but my husband said he couldn't sleep so we decided to take a swim in the indoor pool. On the way down the elevator stopped working and since it was late at night the desk couldn't get someone out for a few hours. We assumed we would be there for the rest of the night so we decide to act like they do in the movies and take advantage of our confinement. Things were going great and we were totally nude when the door to the elevator suddenly opened and there stood the front desk person, our friends and the repairman and also all the construction workers who had just arrived. There must have been at least 20 people to witness us scrambling for our clothes and making a break for our room. We were laughing so hard we couldn't hard even run for cover.

Rebekah said...


My story isn't anything all that exciting, but at the time it was incredibly embarrassing.

When my husband and I got married we spent our wedding night in a nice but small hotel suite (out of town). The room was perfect. Naturally, being that we were on our honeymoon we spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi and even more time in the big king size bed. ;);););) The one problem was that the whole time we were dtd the big headboard kept smacking loudly against the wall. (I believe the hotel office was on the other side of the wall.)I remember mentioning to dh how I wished it would stop banging, but we were too busy to worry about it too much so laughed it off and went on about our merry business.

The next morning, however, when we went to check out the night clerk couldn't help but grin at us the entire time. I couldn't swear on it, but I'm pretty sure we were banging the headboard loud enough that she'd been able to listen to us all night long. LOL Talk about embarrassing. :P


rebekah AT cox DOT net

Megan said...

My moment was actually scary and funny! On a business trip to New Jersey my boss and I found ourselves on the elevator at our hotel. When the doors opened, an elderly couple was trying to get on and the lady was having trouble getting her suitcase to roll into the elevator. Being a nice chivalrous guy, my boss reached down and tried to lift it over the edge. Immediately, the woamn attacked him and the husband started screaming and the whole thing got out of hand. In the middle of the tirade, the woman blurted out that just because they were from Iowa, they weren't going to put up with being mugged in New Jersey. My boss immediately retorted that we were from South Dakota and we weren't there to mug them at all!!!!
By this time, I am rolling with laughter. The couple calmed down and like good midweterners then asked him where we were from in South Dakota because they had family in the eastern part of the state.
By the time we each reached our floors, everyone was best of friends and went our separate ways to live another day!

windycindy said...

Hello! When I was a senior in high school, the German and French Clubs were sponsoring a trip to five countries in Europe! You had to be enrolled in either German or French Class in order to be eligible to go.
Several of my friend's and I managed to get our parent's permission and come Easter Vacation, we were off. We took off from an airport in Indiana and headed to JFK. We couldn't land at JFK because of a snow storm, so we were directed to Laguardia Airport! Then, we had to board a bus and take a trip backwards to the JFK Airport. Finally, we were able to board our KLM Airplane and take off to Amsterdam. In all, we saw five lovely countries: Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland and Belguim. While in Paris; France, two friends and myself went for a short walk around Paris. Of course, we ended up getting very lost! On one part of our walk, we ended up in the Red Light District and we got some really dirty looks. Finally, we found a French Police Department. One of my friends wouldn't stop crying!!!!! We entered the Police Dept. and there was a gorgeous French policeman. I was the oldest, so I took charge. I was talking so quickly; speaking French and English, that he asked me to speak slowly because he only spoke a little English! I found out that I could only speak a little French. He got us back to our little French Hotel and I will never forgot my memorable trip to Europe. Thanks, Cindi

Jen H said...

Hi there. My story wasen't a fun experience at all. My husband had been offered to come to Dallas to interview with Southwestern Bell. So they brought us to town and put us up at the famous Adolphus hotel. It is a gorgeous hotel, as we didn't know Dallas at all we ended up ordering Room service, I think that little meal for 2 was over 100$. The next day was my DH's interview so I stayed at the hotel sleeping in and watching a little tv. About 12:30 the fire alarms went off. Our room was on the 14th floor. I just stayed in the room to see if it was a false alarm or what. Next thing I know people knocking on the door saying stay calm the hotel is on fire and you need to evacuate immediately. Well obviously we couldn't use the elevators. I have MS and my walking was not very good and stairs were almost impossible for me to do.

I'm trying to slowing go down the stairs so I don't fall all the way down them and people are yelling at me to hurry up!! I finally made it down the 14 floors and get outside, and immediately get yelled at by a policeman to get away from the building.

Its Early August, with temps over 100 plus the humidity and I'm sitting across the street on a stone ledge waiting for my husband to get out of his interview and get me out of the heat before I pass out. MS and any kind of heat just doesn't work.

Come to find out that it was only a small kitchen fire. My poor hubby had to walk back up the 14 flights of stairs to get our luggage and try to get our car out of the parking garage.

Good thing is he did land an incredible job, but Dallas and heat didn't suit me to well. I learned a valuable lesson though, don't take a motel room that not on either the first or second floor! Jen :)

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

Hi Charlene. =)
Here is my story. When my ex-husband/highschool, not so sweetheart and I split up, I left him with our girls. I also could not stand to be living in the same county as him. He had to much power over me by knowing my weaknesses for him to get what he wanted romantically. That did nothing good for me mentally. Anyways that is now all the back story to set you up for the Hotel one.
Since I lived out of the county I had to drive a few hours to get my girls for visits. Some of my visits were spontaneous weekend visits. When I did those I got a hotel room for us to Slumber Party. The very first time I did this my youngest, Emilie was about 3. When I showed the girls the room, Em was in heaven. She hurried all over checking and touching anything she could get her hands on. Then she asked me in her little pixie voice, "mama is this your new home?" So that was why she was checking everything so enthralled with all it's belongings. She was needing a mommy fix and that was the start of it. I thought it was the cutest thing. This was not a 5 star hotel. I could only afford something like a motel 6 and it was only one room with two beds. To her from her expression and the way she acted, this was the biggest and best adventure. We went out to dinner and again she referred to it as "my home" lol. After dinner and movie we went back to "my home". We girls had so much fun jumping on the beds and having pillow fights. The room had a mini fridge so it was fun to open and close it to take one sip from our waters. Getting ice was the biggest blast and "Wow" we get to keep it in our room where we sleep?
So when I get the many guilt trips I give myself over not living with my girls, I tend to overcompensate with them. You know the usual. Buying them things and sometimes too much even if I can't afford it or will be hurting financially later on. I need to stop and think about how happy they were just having time with me in some dumpy hotel room. We didn't set a world record, or cure a disease those couple days, but my kids still remember that first hotel room and what a great time they had doing nothing but chillin with their Mom.
Jennifer the Forgetful Faerie Queen.

*sprinkles you all with fairy dust and flutters off.........

Theresa N. said...

My husband and I where staying over night in a Charleston Hotel, our room had a king size bed. At home we have a full size bed, nice and cozy. The king size bed was to big for me. I keep waking up all night looking for my husband, he always seemed to far away. So I keep moving over closer, before morning I had pushed him out of bed.
Theresa N

Amy said...

Hi, at my sisters wedding, she just didn't have enough room for all of us in the house, myself and my 3 little ones got a room at the closest hotel. That way we could swim and such as well. It turned into a great time as we made a tent in between the bedsinstead of sleeping in them. I didn't have to clean the mess, so why should I care, right!!! We ordered pizza and had a picnic by the pool with the wjole family and then had a late night swim. We even had the kids make us waffles at the breakfast bar the next morning. There were some construction guys there from New York, and they let my kids make theirs as well...LOL It was terrific!!!! What a great time!!!!!!

miriama said...

My husband and I recently went on a lovely cruise. I had won a cruise to Alaska! So, anyway, we were enjoying the alone time. 7 days no kids or family, you know the drill. And so there we were when......the door opens!!!!! Yes, my husband forgot the privacy tag for the door. I NEVER saw a guy fly out of bed and hit the door so fast in my LIFE. LOL. I don't know who was more embarrased, the guy coming to do our room or us.

Kathy Mullins said...

OOO YEAH!! I remember my friend working the front desk at a hotel in my old neighborhood, and how we snuck out for ice cream at Baskin Robbins! Was that ever fun.

I also remember being 10 years old and jumping up and down on the bed at a hotel, and having to go to the emergency room because I hit my head on the bedboard! I was one crazy kid, that's for sure!!

Pat said...

My family got in the hotel room and the sheets and bed cover had blood on them

Anonymous said...

Charlene I have never been stuck in an elevator but I am reading a book about 3 women stuck in 1. I have never read any of your books, and I am wondering is there any ones that I should read 1st. I love finding new writers amd would love any suggestions on where to start. thanks..Patty

mammakim said...

Well I have a hotel story but it was far from romantic. We went to Philadelphia to bring the kids to Sesame place, we were on the 20th floor of the hotel when the fire alarms went off. My kids were 2 & 5 at the time and the two year old was so scared he screamed the entire walk down the 20 flights of steps. He would only let me hold him and my daughter attached herself to my leg. When we hit the bottom and went to the street it was late so all the party types were on the streets. We had to stay out there for two hours until the firemen figured out that someone had pulled one of them.

My elevator incident was kind of funny but not :) we were at the hospital and the elevator went up two flights to the parking garage so my three kids decided that they wanted to go up the steps to see if they could beat us. They were 4, 7 & 10 so I wasn't too big on the idea but my mother said oh just let them. The elevator stops between floors for like 10 minutes and I ended up having an anxiety fit thinking that someone was either going to grab the kids or the kids were going to torture someone else. They ended up being scared that we didn't come out and huddled themselves by the door. LOL

Debby said...

Hi Charlene, We were checking into a hotel and when I opened the door, there was a man in our bed. We went back down and they had to call the room to find out who it was. Somehow they mixed everything up and got the rooms switched.

Ann M. said...

I at I was going to say I had not terrible hotel experiences ... but stopping to think back we've had several that will definitely go down as h*llish hotel stories.

Which one to relate. How about our Oz one for our first long weekend in Melbourne. I normally leave hotel reservations, car reservations, airline tickets ... (you get the idea) to my dh. He was too busy with his new job and said if we wanted to go away for the long weekend it was my job to get the hotel.

I did my research and decided where would be a great place to spend the night. Very excited, I called and made reservations, giving the pertinent information.

I remember to print out the informtion before we leave on our trip down the Great Ocean Road (fantastic.. not to be missed if you are in Melbourne and have a free day.) Get to our hotel with two tired kidlets and try to check in. Notice the word try. I spell my name... I say look to see if they didn't use my hyphenated form. NOTHING. The question was did we make a reservation at another time - like last year. Hmm.. no we were in the US last year. Still nothing.

Remember this is a long weekend and hotel rooms are booked. The person finally figured out the person I spoke with a manager must have taken my reservation and NEVER entered into their computer system.

They were kind enough to call all over time to find a room for us. At first it was just for two of us.. hmmm no, we have two kidlets in our car waiting very patiently to collapse in a hotel room. Yet another call to another hotel.

On the good side we didn't pay for our hotel stay. Last time I make reservations for our family. :)

Now dinner was another story but you didn't ask about horror restaurant story.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were delivering a couple horses with my parents. After many hours on the road we arrived at our motel rooms and fell into our beds. Instantly fell into our beds and out like a light. Next morning we were shocked to find out we had been robbed thru the night. Someone had entered our room with a key. They took my husbands slacks, with all our funds, my purse,and truck keys. Luckily we were with my parents so we did have access to money. Real scary to think about what could have happened if we awoke while the robbery was in process. Hotel took all responsibility for robbery since keys were used for entry and we recouped all our losses. Still think about the experience every time I stay in a hotel or motel

mishmish said...

Nothing exciting ever happened to me at a hotel; but recently the bed frame was sticking out past the bed and I walked into it. Now I have a really ugly scar on my ankle.

Lisa said...

One time in a hotel suite, I was getting ready to take a bath. I filled up the tub and then I went get my Shampoo from the vanity. I had on earphones listening to music, in my robe, next thing I know the door opens and a guy enters in his boxer shorts, I can't see a thing, since I did not have on my glasses, so I started screaming my head off, and I had no weapon but the shampoo so i squirted it in his eyes and kicked him stright in the middle. I ran for the door of the bathroom, while he is screaming too and calling me a crazy woman. Other people heard the noise and called security, who were there when I opened the room door. So I started frantically tell them there is some strange man in my room, they went to arrest him and when they came out with him I realised it was my fiancee. I could not believe it, we got connecting rooms but, he was supposed to arrived later in the evening so the door to my side was closed, and I was not expecting him to be in my room. When everthing was sorted out, it turned out that they gave him the same key for my room and not his room key, a mix up. Well I spent the next day babying him and making it up to him for the harm i did. We laughed it out later, but the whole incident was pretty scary.

MarthaE said...

My hotel event starts out a few nights earlier when I was working at a Monte Carlo charity event - I was the treasurer and collected all the money. A friend invited this fellow down to meet my best friend. They didn't hit it off but he and I did. A few of us went to Denny's at 1 am and I left my money bag under the seat of his truck. The next morning (Saturday) he called to tell me I must have wanted him to call and that's why I left the money! I had to drive up to the next county to pick it up.
The hotel comes in cause the next Monday we met at a local hotel that had a bar and dancing. He brought me roses and we spent the evening dancing (which we did well together) and getting to know each other. We ended up sitting by the pool area where he asked me to marry him! We were married four months after we met and in November we will celebrate our 23rd anniversary.

Ann M. said...

Another hotel story..

Our last night in Israel we were only going to use our hotel to freshen up. We had connecting rooms with our three kidlets. We were tired from a day of touring and had time to shower before we went to dinner and left for the airport.

One of our kidlets went in the bathroom and all of a sudden we hear.. Mom! Dad!... Not a good sign.

Poor kidlet went to the toilet and flushed. Instead of going down the water kept rising and rising.

Needless to say we called the front desk and they came up to fix the toilet.

All for use of a room for less than an hour.

Penney said...

The hotel my husband and I stay in once is back in Germany we stay over night. It was very scary because just after we got into bed and turn the light out, the light kept coming on I got up and walk to the door to turn it off again and before I got to the door the light would turn off by itself. This kept on and on for a good hour and a half. The light came on then off again, we thought there was a ghost in there with us! I was getting more and more scared my husband said try and go to sleep we have to get up early in the morning. At long last I went to sleep. In the morning before we left to go I made up the bed and here on the headboard was a light switch our pillows kept hitting it on and off that night we sure felt silly!

Michelle said...


This occurred while I was a student in Moscow. My boyfriend was one of the British students and they were having a get together at their hotel. We were all acting casual and having no problem getting in until me of course. The concierge decided to be a prick and grabbed me as I was getting on the boyfriend got him off me but when we got to the room I noticed my watch was gone. My boyfriend when back down and "persuaded" the concierge it was in his best interest to return the watch (which he did eventually with a broken crystal).

Billie Chai said...

All these romantic stories and mine is more pitiful and/or funny depending on your point of view.

Our last night in Charleston SC and I was upset because we changed hotels. I took my medicine, including a sleeping pill and went to sleep. No one else could sleep because they claim I was snoring so loud. My husband woke me and had use nose spray. The boys wouldn't tell me and even denied it when my husband told me.

Patti Sherman said...

While dating my current partner, we checked into a hotel. Following dinner we went back to the room with romantic ideas in mind. While right in the middle of our most intimate moment, a key went into the lock and a repair man walked in with a ladder. He stopped dead and tried graciously to back out. We talk about that incident to this day! I was hyterical with laughter and that put an end to any romance!

Dotty said...

I was in Mexico City with my sister and her husband. Our hotel was very expensive, so we switched to a cheaper hotel. That night, all the power in the area went off--except at the hotel we had just left! They had their own generators.
We were on the 12th floor and had to walk up and down 12 flights to go to dinner. Everyone had left their faucets turned on because the water was off as well as electricity. When the power came on the next day, the poor hotel staff had to run to every room throughout the hotel, turning off faucets as the floors were being flooded. No one was in their rooms because everyone was out touring the city. This was Murphy's Law for sure.

Cheri2628 said...

I guess you get what you pay for. We booked a moderately priced hotel in NYC on the recommendation of a co-worker. The hotel room turned out to be a dump. The 2-bed suite was a bed and a sofa bed. You couldn't open the closet door because the bed was crammed in front of it. You could only use one of the 4 chairs at the dinette table because the table was wedged between the sofa and the TV. To go from one room to the other you had to go through the bathroom, so if someone was in the bathroom you were stuck for a while. The advertised kitchenette turned out to be a mini-refrig with a hot plate that was missing a plug. The dishes were an assortment of mixed up plates and glasses that were handed to us at the lobby desk. It was quite an interesting experience!

ilona said...

The only hotel story that I have is the fact that since the introduction of electronic key cards I have been unable to go to an hotel alone. The reason? I cause a static charge on the key card that wipes it and makes it unusable. Luckily I have a very handy (and gorgeous) husband who is more then willing to hold on to the key for our occasional hotel visits :D

Gail said...

Hotels! I worked in one for 27 years. I have a few stories some I prefer not to repeat. LOL One of my favorite memories is about my own befuddlement. I worked for the hotel for about 5 years in the accounting office, and I was lucky enough to get to work different areas to ensure a better billing system. One afternoon I was at the front desk when a gentleman came to the desk to ask where a certain meeting room was located. After I gave him detailed (way to many) directions and stared at him like a deer in headlights, he said thank you and walked away to the elevator. I finally took a breath and stuttered to my co workers that that was Tim Conway! How cool was that! I blew my chance for an autograph, but after thinking about, I thought maybe he was happy not be asked. I’ll never know because after doing a tongue tangle of the directions, I couldn’t have asked without being a complete idiot. LOL

Anonymous said...

Back in 1997 my mother and I took my nephew,7, on a trip to Eugene OR to pick up a puppy. We left Arizona about 2 in the afternoon. We got to Zion park about 10.00 that night. My mother and I when we traveled we just drive until we can't any more. We made Ontirio Idaho about 7 the next evening. All this time Robby had been playing with his tooth and it came out. We had Rob put the tooth under his pillow. I don't know what we were thinking, maybe the toothfairy would come?? While mom took her shower Rob woke up and looked under his pillow and there was his tooth. Talk about feeling bad. We had him take a shower and we placed five dollars under the pillow. He came out and we told him that maybe he should look again. Sure enough the tooth fairy left five dollars. He took the bill and looked at us. He said, I know it was you guys. Later that day we got to Eugene and went to the motel. Robby ran out of the room and said, "This is just like the other motel!" He was so surpised. Robby is now almost nineteen and he still remembers those motels.

Shelly said...

Not quite my story - my then 4 year old nephew on his first trip to the 'big city' went down 15 flights in the elevator by himself. And was quite unperturbed standing in the lobby when his parents found him!

Anonymous said...

Three friends and I often go off to a church sponsored singles conference. We share a room to cut down costs. Once while getting reading the evening dance, one of us saw a roach and screamed. We all screamed and ran into the bathroom and shut the door. We stood there in that small bathroom, breathing the pants of those running for their lives, when we suddenly looked at each other and realized how silly we were. We laughed - and laughed - and laughed until we cried. We then went out and killed that ferocious roach!

wigget said...

my favorite thing to happen at a hotel ocurred the weekend of graduation from graduate school. following dinner and a surprise proposal, my new fiance had a dozen red roses waiting for me at the hotel room.

rebekah said...

I husband and I went to vegas to watch a friend get married. When we got there the first thing we did was go to our room and have some alone time. But sadly ththe head board was not secured to the wall very well and made and awful racket. It wasn't to embaressed until I found out there was little one kids in the next room. I made me think of what the guy at the gondola ride said. You don't see anyone taking hookers to Disney land now why would you bring children to Vegas. I can of had to agree not really a place for children, with all the gambling, drinking, and strange flyers they give out on the strip.

Rebekah E.

DEY said...

My sister inspected a certain, upscale hotel chain - she has some great stories. One in particular still makes me laugh. During training, inspectors are told to show no expressions during the inspections. My sister was inspecting a hotel and looked under the bed. There was a blow-up doll under the bed and she thought it was a body. She screamed and fell backwards and the manager came running over and determined it was not a body. She laughs about it now, but it really freaked her out at the time!

DeeCee said...

I used to work for a really small upscale hotel in downtown Boise. As it happens, the 2005 Jaialdi International Basque Festival had announced that it would be held in Boise, and we were booked up incredibly fast. One day one of the maids came up to me, totally embarrassed because of an accidental meeting with a mail guest.

She'd been cleaning his room, and had seen a bag underneath the bed. Not knowing if it was his, and he had purposefully put it there, she picked it up and set it on the bed. The man opened his door, and started screaming that she was going through his things.

After I'd talked to her, I confronted the man, wanting to hear his side of the story. Anyways, we got it cleared up. I was talking to the maid, and asked her why he would be so mad that she had picked up his bag. "It was his toiletry bag. And it was crammed with extra small sized condoms."

I laughed so hard I cried.

Christiana said...

Strange things can happen in hotels...

When I turned 21, my friends thought they'd be sweet and get me a room at the hotel they had surprised me with a birthday party at, so I wouldn't have to worry about drinking.

It was a wonderful party, and after way too many drinks, I was making my way to my room, which was on the fifth floor, so I took the elevator.

Mind you I hate small places, and elevators are not big. So, add being more than a little tipsy and you can imagine how freaked I got when the elevator got stuck between the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The consolation? The very hot off-duty Fireman who was trying to get me out and ended up stuck in there with me for an hour.

I'll leave the rest of the details up to your imagination..

Laurie said...

In the early 8o's (before we had children )we decided to go X-Country skiing in Cable, Wisconsin (way up by the Upper MI border. We put down a $20 deposit spent a week in Rice Lake where my husband filled in for someone. We headed north to Cable only it was 50* below zero with the wind chill! We drove to the motel only to find that it was a hunting barracks type cabin with bunkbeds and a bathroom down the hall!! We left and started searching for a new place. Found a big mansion type house- bed & breakfast, went in only to discover they had DEAD stuffed animals everywhere, the rooms were all themed after movies, there was a spooky looking little old lady proprietor,PLUS we were the only ones there!! We literally high tailed out of there!! All we could think of was the movie PSYCHO!!

carole said...

I went Italy, with a friend and we were in Venice, and our hotel was being remodeling, I was blowing drying my hair and all the light went out, anyways, all these workmen came into the room. I was in a decent bathrobe, my girlfriend was pissed at me, but I just kept talking in Italian, and I got asked out to the 4th of July party in the square, anyways coming back to the hotel and back to my room the elevator door wouldn't open and we were stuck for about 1hr. with another couple, we had so much fun, and I still keep in touch with all 3 of them.

Dina said...

While at a hotel ballroom, I was attending my best friend wedding. I was sitting at my table alone, when her brother came up to me and asked me to dance. Here I am a little embrassed because I did not know how to dance, this was why I sitting at the table alone, 2 left feet and all (lol) and he has known me for many years. So he ended up just joining me for a drink. A little while later he took my hand an lead me out to the balcony and told me he would teach me. I started to laugh because, I know I will just step on his foot, plus I aways had a crush on him so I hoped it did not show. So he just went slow, and started with a waltz, a few mistakes made but I began to dance a little. Well the faster dances I was terrible at so we just stuck to the waltz. We danced for about an hour as most of the music played was slow. I had such fun and I can honestly say he unknowingly stole my heart with his patience and tenderness, I was just going to thank him when all of a sudden he kissed me. And what a kiss, I stood there in shock then I kissed him back. When he pulled away, I thought I was i heaven. He told me that he was a little reserved because I was his sisters friend, but when he saw me in my dress and the room, I made him breathless, so he worked up the nerve to kiss me. He later asked me out the next day on a first date. I agreed and we continued seeing each other till he proposed to me. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on the 25th of August this year.

Anonymous said...

i don t have one, but i lvoved it when i stayed att the mandalay bay in vegas, the biggest and best hotels ive been in. i saw teh whole strip from my window, so that was ncie, it had nice big bath,

great stories all

blueviolet said...

When my husband and I got married we could only afford a little trip to Wisconsin Dells for our honeymoon. We picked out a hotel and were super excited! We got there and it was a disaster. It was in a dark, dank, wooded area and the room was so small that we had to stand on the bed to get in and out of the door. It was ridiculous. So we went back to the desk and they moved us to another room in a different section of the hotel: the main multi-floor building. The room was much nicer but then we discovered that there were black beatles on the ceiling and they would crawl right to the area over our heads. We were terrified that's where they would decide to drop down so we were constantly taking the phone book and jumping up from the bed with it to smash the beatles on the ceiling. We had to do this repeatedly throughout our entire stay. It was not the most romantic stay.

Jolene said...

i once tripped down the stairs in a hotel in san fran and broke my arm while my bf was still in our room and i was sitting there crying and a stranger had to call for help

ssmina said...

we stayed at a local hotel on St Pete Beach for our wedding night. We had a flight to Costa Rica the next day. Anyhow, our shower didn't work in our hotel room. When we called about it, late at night, a security guard came to our room to try to help fix it, what a wedding night! thanks.

Bonnie said...

We were leaving the casino and taking the elevator up to our room, a group of laughing young people joined us one guy looked at my husband and said "How are you tonight Sir?" my husband said "Fine how about you?" the guy replied "I'm a little bit drunk!"then he just dropped to the floor.

Helen said...

I was recently in San Francisco and about an hour after I checked in, there was someone trying to get into my room with the key. I had thankfully put the hotel lock on so they were unable to get in.